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  • 13-Nov-2014
    How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Tie
    We are looking for a new Marketing Coordinator to complete the 2014 term (through Coord elections in March'ish 2015). Here are the duties for the Marketing Coordinator, per the bylaws:
    As the Summer heat blazes on, The Anarchs of the Hudson Valley Area gather once again for their annual celebration. ::IC ANNOUCMENT::
  • 07-May-2014
    Excited for Nashville by Night? We are!   In fact, we are so excited that we want to talk about it now!  
    Kings of New York is happy to announce early the 2014 Palla Grande event!  We are holding our annual Sabbat event and would like to invite and all players to come join us in the fun!&n
    As the sun sets the darkness will rise. Together will we rise against it so we can be victorious before the new dawn. The time to gather is now, the great hunt is near!
    Excited for Nashville by Night?! We are! Here is the schedule and general location for One World by Night's Games! Sept 18th- Thursday Night: Camarilla (7pm-2am).
  • 22-Apr-2014
    The best thing about OWbN is the players. With so many great players, we want to help them, promote them, and share their activities with the community.
    EVENT INFORMATION =================== * Memorial Day Weekend 2014, May 23 (4:00pm) – May 26 (1:00pm) * This event is affiliated with Hidden Flame (Garou) and Tides of Power (Mage).
    The 2014 OWBN Participant Survey is up and running!
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