Bartow, FL - USA, Badlands

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Not Probationary
Not Satellite Chronicle

Genre(s): Other, Sabbat

Number of Players: 10-19 players

Premise: Sabbat/Wyrm 5th Friday Sabbat 4th Saturday play different genres in different cities but all in the same county, so when you do something in one city you might see the ripple effects in another. most plot is across all cities. and how one city deals with a plot may very well effect another. The world is very much shaped by the actions of the players.

Theme: Horror Suspense Thriller

Mood: Aesthetics: for rp rewards we give out costume pieces that are magical items. Costuming and rp is strongly encouraged.
Supernatural element: You will encounter everything and anything in this game.
Game Focus: Story

Additional Information: HST Joshua Jones
CM William Lee
Books Joshua Jones
Downtimes, Influence, Escenes Josh Jones
Discord James Ward

E-Scenes should all be cc'd
Downtimes & Influence actions

if you have a question for staff that doesn't fall into one of these 3 categories please feel free to email me directly at

Information for Travellers: Standard character creation rules, up to 60 points with a character background. All visiting sheets need to be sent to the HST by 12:00 pm before game.


Facebook Group:

Head Storyteller: Josh Jones -

Assistant Storytellers:
AST Name AST Email
William Lee
Josh Jones
James Ward
James Ward

Council Member: William Lee -

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Game Sessions

4th Saturday

Genre: Sabbat
Check-In Starts:
Game Start Time:
Game Date Notes: 4th saturday

5th Friday

Genre: Other, Sabbat
Check-In Starts:
Game Start Time:
Game Date Notes: Sabbat with Wyrm elements

Game Site Information

Game Site Address:
Depot Park
200 SE Depot Ave
Gainesville , FL
United States
Florida US
Additional Notes:
We use this site for Sabbat genre (ic this location is Bartow FL) We use this site on 3nd Fridays 200 SE Depot Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601
Game Site Address:
USF Chemistry Building Tampa
121 Leroy Collins Blvd
Tampa , FL
United States
Florida US
Additional Notes:
Sabbat/ Wyrm Lake Alfred on 1stnd Fridays Use Lot 2A: GZ is the parking for this site If you put Chemistry Building, Tampa, FL 33620 into google it should will guide you to the parking lot


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