Council Voting History

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Council voting history for Berkeley, CA - USA, Wasting the Dawn

Proposal Name Closing Date Opening Datesort descending CM Vote
Remove Articles improperly placed 27-Mar-2001 21-Mar-2001 For
Old Clan Tzimisce 24-Mar-2001 21-Mar-2001 R&U:
Tzimisce Antitribu 24-Mar-2001 21-Mar-2001 R&U:
Salubri 24-Mar-2001 21-Mar-2001 R&U:
True Brujah 24-Mar-2001 21-Mar-2001 R&U:
Children of Osiris Runoff 27-Mar-2001 27-Mar-2001 R&U:
Sons of Discord Runoff 24-Mar-2001 27-Mar-2001 Abstain
OWbN specific Caitiff bloodlines Runoff 27-Mar-2001 27-Mar-2001 Abstain
Assamite Bedouin Warriors 28-Mar-2001 28-Mar-2001 R&U:
Assamite Byzantine Viziers 28-Mar-2001 28-Mar-2001 R&U: