Cleveland, OH - USA, Heartland Alliance

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Not Probationary
Not Satellite Chronicle

Genre(s): Anarch, Camarilla, Changeling, Changing Breeds, Demon, Giovanni, Hunter, Kuei-Jin, Mage, Other, Sabbat, Wraith

Number of Players: 10-19 players

Theme: A city with an unusual twist, ley lines that have been tampered with and unique alliances.

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Defiance Area:

Website: No Website Listed

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Head Storyteller: Chris Seamon -

Assistant Storytellers:
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Council Member: Jonah Pasternak -

This chronicle information form was last updated on 15-Jan-2019

Game Sessions

3rd Friday

Genre: Changing Breeds, Mage, Other
Check-In Starts:
Game Start Time:

1st Friday

Genre: Mage, Other
Check-In Starts:
Game Start Time:
Game Date Notes: Formerly An Uncertain Destiny

2nd Sunday

Genre: Changing Breeds, Other
Check-In Starts:
Game Start Time:

Game Site Information

Game Site Address:
Private Address - Contact STs
Private Address - Contact STs
North Olmsted , OH
United States
Ohio US
Additional Notes:
Fera Game: Located in North Olmsted Mage Game: Located in Cleveland

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