Evansville, IN - USA, Dead Yet Dreaming

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Not Probationary
Satellite Chronicle
Parent Chronicle (If Satellite): Evansville, IN - USA, Paradise Lost

Genre(s): Changing Breeds, Wraith

Number of Players: 10-19 players

Theme: Werewolves in a broken city, unable to fix the problems of the past.

Information for Travellers: Electronic devices are not allowed near the caern under any circumstances as investigated and enforced by the Warder and Guardians

Website: No Website Listed

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1484222328514907/

Head Storyteller: Andrew "Oz" Osborne - deadyetdreaming.st@gmail.com

Assistant Storytellers:
AST Name AST Email
Mallery N deadyetdreaming.st@gmail.com

Council Member: John Garlick - jgarlick@gmail.com

This chronicle information form was last updated on 29-Apr-2019

Game Sessions

3rd Saturday

Genre: Changing Breeds

Game Site Information

Game Site Address:
Indiana Memorial Union
900 E 7th St
Bloomington , IN
United States
Indiana US


Chronicle Resource Type Resource File
House Rules PDF icon DYD House Rules Season One.pdf
Disciplinary Policy PDF icon Code of Conduct.pdf