Council Voting History

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Council voting history for Evansville, IN - USA, Paradise Lost

Proposal Name Closing Date Opening Date CM Votesort descending
[Opinion Poll] Remove Custom Content Database 27-Sep-2017 07-Sep-2017 Leave it exactly how is
[PROPOSAL] Change to Character bylaw 7.c.i 24-Oct-2017 17-Oct-2017 Abstain
[Proposal] Specific Brujah Content from Storyteller's Vault 01-Oct-2017 24-Sep-2017 Abstain
[PROPOSAL] Change to Character bylaw 10.f.iii 10-Dec-2017 03-Dec-2017 Abstain
[Proposal]Ravnos Packet 2017/Bylaw updates 29-Dec-2017 22-Dec-2017 Abstain
Proposal to Administrative Bylaw 4.B.x [Revised] 04-Apr-2018 28-Mar-2018 Abstain
[PROPOSAL][PACKET][REVISED] Tremere House Packet 2018 09-Feb-2018 02-Feb-2018 Abstain
[Proposal]Sadhana bylaw fix 27-Dec-2017 20-Dec-2017 Abstain
Allowing Storytellers to Disallow Characters at the Door without Player Bans 08-Sep-2017 01-Sep-2017 Abstain
[GENRE PACKET] Mnemosyne Genre Packet 2017 17-Aug-2017 08-Aug-2017 Abstain