Gainesville, FL - USA, The New Confederacy

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Genre(s): Anarch

Number of Players: 10-19 players

Premise: Gainesville stands at the forefront of the Anarch Movement in the Southeastern US. Nominally part of the 'Hurricane Coast Free States', this college town has been in the hands of the Movement since 2007. Remnants of the old Camarilla Court still remain, and independents have carved out their own territories, but by and large, this is Anarch country.

Theme: Anarchs attempting to build something better than what the other sects offer.

Mood: Gainesville is, despite having been an Anarch Domain for a few years now, still in it's growth stage. With enough breathing room, they are still stretching their legs and figuring out how to govern on their own. Other independents have come to call, and the makings of an "open city" are in the making.

Information for Travellers: We are a fairly strictly Anarch only game, but other genres and independents are welcome to come and play; just remember caveat emptor! Your PC may not be as well accepted as you'd like them to be. Giovanni and Sabbat in particular have had difficult times in the Gainesville game.


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Head Storyteller: Geoff Combs -

Assistant Storytellers:
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Corey B
Jesse VSM

Council Member: Geoff Combs -

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Game Sessions

1st Friday

Genre: Anarch

3rd Friday

Genre: Anarch

Game Site Information

Game Site Address:
Curia on the Drag
2029 NW 6th St
32601 Gainesville , FL
United States
Additional Notes:
A coffee/wine/tea/beer cafe, with a large outdoor campus, and several art spaces for us to play in and around. There is no site fee, and you can bring food, but do drop something in the till for the barista/bartender on duty.
Game Site Address:
Depot Park
200 SE Depot Ave
Gainesville , FL
United States
Additional Notes:
This is a new, large open park in Gainesville, complete with a bodega and beer garden. No site fee, you can bring food and beverage, and enough space to be able to play amongst muggles.
Game Site Address:
R.T. Schafer Masonic Lodge
2505 NE 9th St
Gainesville , FL
United States
Additional Notes:
A wonderfully air-conditioned indoor site that we can use for events, and during the hot n' humid summers, and while Curia and Norman Hall are under reconstruction. We do ask for a $2 donation for game site here.

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