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Genre(s): Changing Breeds

Number of Players: 10-19 players

Premise: Athens County is home to a newly raised Caern that is still reeling from the events previously brought about by a nefarious mage who all but killed the city. The Guardians of the Hearth have empowered themselves enough to erect a proper foothold for the warriors of Gaia and are now setting out to drive back the wyrm throughout the entire area. What lies before them? Who knows...

Theme: A Caern is born... What now?

Mood: We have a fairly small game, so the mood is very personal with a friendly environment and local players who are very accepting to newcomers, experienced or not! We like to focus more on storytelling and character building and less on number crunching and mechanics. That being said, we are Warriors of Gaia, so we offer a staff who is fully capable and experienced in running combat in a wide array of effective and fluid manners.

Information for Travellers: We are primarily Garou, but we are accepting of other Fera under appropriate circumstances. Make sure to check with us beforehand just to be sure that you are playing something that will be acceptable!

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Head Storyteller: Kelly McQuaid -

Assistant Storytellers:
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Drew Walter

Council Member: Drew Walter -

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Game Sessions

2nd Saturday

Genre: Changing Breeds
Check-In Starts:
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4th Saturday

Genre: Changing Breeds
Check-In Starts:
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Game Site Information

Game Site Address:
Lancaster Camp Grounds
2151 W Fair Ave
Lancaster , OH
United States
Ohio US
Additional Notes:
Welcome to our Winter Site. Please get into contact with us to find out if we are in Unit One or Unit Two on any given game. Nice, indoor site, restroom, kitchen, main room, four side rooms (bunks for those that drive forever and need a nap) and a fireplace. No alcohol. Ask for a location before you light up a smoke. During the warm spring, summer, and fall months when the weather is permitting, our game site is located at Rising Park in Lancaster Ohio at the large shelter house in the very back of the park. It is an outdoor site with indoor restroom access, as well as free water to drink.