Council Voting History

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Council voting history for Northern Virginia, VA - USA, Night Falls

Proposal Name Closing Date Opening Date CM Votesort descending
Changing Breeds Coordinator '11 22-Nov-2010 22-Nov-2010 *Abstain
Setite Coordinator '11 22-Nov-2010 22-Nov-2010 *Reject All Candidates
Revision of Bylaws, Character Regulation Section 9: Sliding Scale 12-Mar-2003 12-Mar-2003 3
Balam 21-Apr-2001 18-Apr-2001 Abstain
Election of a new Garou Coordinator 18-Sep-2001 18-Sep-2001 Abstain
Remove Articles improperly placed 27-Mar-2001 21-Mar-2001 Abstain
2004 Election for Gangrel Coordinator 07-Dec-2004 23-Nov-2004 Abstain
Black Spiral Dancers 02-Apr-2001 31-Mar-2001 Abstain
Black Spiral Dancers Runoff Vote 09-Apr-2001 09-Apr-2001 Abstain
Fomori 02-Apr-2001 31-Mar-2001 Abstain