Council Voting History

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Council voting history for Piracicaba, SP - Brazil, Escuro como o Inferno, Preto como a Noite

Proposal Name Closing Date Opening Date CM Votesort descending
Line Item Amendment to the Infernalism Packet 2011 [autopass] 28-Oct-2011 26-Oct-2011 No vote submitted
KJ Territory Claim [autopass] 23-Nov-2011 22-Nov-2011 No vote submitted
[Special Election] Ventrue Coordinator 2011 11-Nov-2011 04-Nov-2011 No vote submitted
Player Base Notification Bylaw Clarification 12-Nov-2011 05-Nov-2011 No vote submitted
Aristotle de Laurent and the Encyclopedia Vampiraca [autopass] 15-Dec-2011 14-Dec-2011 No vote submitted
Non-Sabbat with Ritae 27-Dec-2011 20-Dec-2011 No vote submitted
Territorial Custodianship Claim for Changing Breeds Coordinator [autopass] 18-Jan-2012 17-Jan-2012 No vote submitted
CBC position changes 21-Jan-2012 15-Jan-2012 No vote submitted
What Is Your Favorite Cookie 12-Jan-2012 10-Jan-2012 No vote submitted
[PROPOSAL] One World by Night Charter 05-Jan-2012 29-Dec-2011 No vote submitted