Council Voting History

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Council voting history for Sheboygan, WI - USA, Blood on the Lake

Proposal Namesort descending Closing Date Opening Date CM Vote
[PROPOSAL] Code of Conduct [Amended] 10-Oct-2013 03-Oct-2013 No vote submitted
[PROPOSAL] Coordinator Bylaw Amendment - Reducing # of Archivist Positions from 3 to 2 05-Jun-2014 29-May-2014 No vote submitted
[Proposal] Coordinator bylaws - 3.iii "objections to coordinator proposals" 29-Oct-2019 22-Oct-2019 No vote submitted
[Proposal] Coordinator Bylaws Addtion - Number of Coord Positions 29 July 2019 13-Aug-2019 06-Aug-2019 No vote submitted
[Proposal] Creation of OWBN Historian appointed coordinator 01-Oct-2012 25-Sep-2012 No vote submitted
[Proposal] Deregulation of Risen from Vote to Approval (10-19-19) 02-Nov-2019 26-Oct-2019 No vote submitted
[Proposal] Dharma 6 PCs 05-Nov-2019 29-Oct-2019 No vote submitted
[Proposal] Giovanni Ranks and Titles 13-Jun-2017 06-Jun-2017 No vote submitted
[Proposal] Givings Coords Official Rights to Govern their Electronic Media 22-Jan-2016 15-Jan-2016 No vote submitted
[PROPOSAL] House Arcanum Ducheski retainers 15-May-2014 08-May-2014 No vote submitted