Council Voting History

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Council voting history for Vale do Itajaí, SC - Brazil, Fear of the Dark

Proposal Name Closing Date Opening Datesort descending CM Vote
[Special Election] Ventrue Coordinator 28-Jul-2019 21-Jul-2019 Blind vote in progress
[Proposal] Coordinator Bylaws Addtion - Number of Coord Positions 29 July 2019 13-Aug-2019 06-Aug-2019 No vote submitted
[Proposal] Undoing of Proposal 95783 - Two Year Coordinator Terms - Take Two 13-Aug-2019 06-Aug-2019 No vote submitted
[Proposal][Lasombra Packet] 17-Aug-2019 10-Aug-2019 No vote submitted
[Proposal][Autopass][Restriction on Discipline Level for Risen PCs 13-Aug-2019 13-Aug-2019 No vote submitted
[Proposal][Bylaw][auto-pass] Removal of Ravnos Lines 25-Aug-2019 18-Aug-2019 No vote submitted