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Coordinator Info

Office Listed Name Listed Email
Admissions Autumn Wright owbnadmissions@gmail.com
AHC 1 Nicholas Lambaunas stakeaphobic@gmail.com
AHC 2 Peter DiGravio peter.owbn@gmail.com
Archivist 1 Jeff Cauley darkother@gmail.com
Archivist 2 Maja Zaccara owbnarchivist@gmail.com
Finance LeAmber Kensley leamberr@gmail.com
Head Coord Jessica Karels jessica.karels@gmail.com
Historian Lawrence Jacob Siebert owbn.historian@gmail.com
Marketing Jennifer Parr owbn.marketing@gmail.com
Web Jonathan Slack owbnwebcoord@gmail.com
Office Listed Name Listed Email
Assamite Lex Lopez eldestassamite@gmail.com
Brujah Emily Milham brucoord@gmail.com
Follower's of Set Jennifer Lee coordforset@gmail.com
Gangrel Luke Philippi owbngangrelcoord@gmail.com
Giovanni Bryan Card GiovanniCoord@gmail.com
Lasombra Andrew Maetke Lasombracoord@gmail.com
Malkavian Mark Koenig malkcoord@gmail.com
Nosferatu Blair Boggs Noscoord@gmail.com
Ravnos William Lee Coordofillusions@gmail.com
Salubri Kat F. salubricoord@gmail.com
Toreador Chad Halvorson ToreaCoord@gmail.com
Tremere Alex Rushing tremerecoordinator@gmail.com
Tzimisce Derek Howard thelandbeyondtheforest@gmail.com
Ventrue Brian Orlando ventruecoord@gmail.com
Office Listed Name Listed Email
Anarch Bruce Lindsay anarch.coord@gmail.com
Camarilla Shane King camarillacoord@gmail.com
Changeling Kyle N. changeling.coord@gmail.com
Changing Breeds Justin Quigley changingbreedscoord@gmail.com
Demon Jason Clark demoncoord@gmail.com
Kuei-Jin Patrick Sniegoski jomoru@gmail.com
Mage Jason Place fiordhraoi@gmail.com
Sabbat Adam Sartori supersabbatcoord@gmail.com
Wraith Christian DeBats wraithcoord@gmail.com