Coordinator Info

Listed Name Listed Email
Jeff Cauley
Listed Namesort descending Subcoord Title Listed Email
Blair B. Ashirra and M.U.T.E.
Bonnie C. Wiki Admin and Camarilla List
Denis B. E-Division and Regional Brazil
Janel L. Packet and Genre
Jessica A. Carrots and Propaganda and Ivory Legion
Lara R. Wiki Admin
Maja Z. Blood Bound and Josians
Megan Mc. 5 Year Old
Mike "Woody" W. Lasombra Herald
Patrick S. Subcoordus de Libro
Patrick W. West Coast
Rojir Mc. Legacy
Shane K. Legacy

Genre Documents

Please contact your chronicle Storyteller staff or Council Member for access to these packets.

Packet Name Type Last Updated Packet Link
CAMARILLA: Genre Packet Genre Packet 17-Feb-2017 Requires Login.

Email Lists

List name Access Address IC/OOC Membership Moderators
Camarilla IC International Email list Private In Character Please read the instructions in the signup form through the link.
Camarilla Team Contact Private This is for contact purposes only.
Harpy List Private In Character You only get an invite onto the list if another PC Harpy can say they know you are a Harpy or we contact your STs who can vouch for you. Please email the Moderator for access.