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Eric Lyakhovetsky
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Entire Team Contact
David Nemitz
Patrick Sniegoski

Genre Documents

Please contact your chronicle Storyteller staff or Council Member for access to these packets.

Packet Name Type Last Updated Packet Link
CHANGELING: Changeling 20th Anniversary Translations Genre Packet 11-Jan-2018 Requires Login.
CHANGELING: Changeling Mechanics Packet (Non-Binding) Genre Packet 18-Apr-2017 Requires Login.
CHANGELING: Cross-Genre (Non-Binding) Genre Packet 08-Jun-2013 Requires Login.
CHANGELING: Fomorian Mechanics Packet Genre Packet 09-Nov-2018 Requires Login.
CHANGELING: The Treasure Trove Genre Packet 31-Jan-2019 Requires Login.

Email Lists

List name Access Address IC/OOC Membership
Changeling IC Email List Private In Character IC Changeling Email list. To join, please fill out form at the Sign Up Link.
Changeling OOC Email List Private Out of Character OOC Changeling Email list. To Join, please fill out form at the Sign Up Link.