Coordinator Info

Listed Name Listed Email
Anthony Nordman
Listed Namesort descending Subcoord Title Listed Email
Adam Sartori Admin Subcoord
Ann Klems Ohio Subcoord
Chris L. Southeast Subcoordinator
Dan M. Northeast Subcoordinator
Elzo B. Brazil Subcoordinator
Joan M. Friends of the Night Subcoordinator
Mike Woodin Northeast Subcoord

Genre Documents

Please contact your chronicle Storyteller staff or Council Member for access to these packets.

Packet Name Type Last Updated Packet Link
LASOMBRA: Abyssal Mysticism Packet Genre Packet 13-Oct-2013 Requires Login.
LASOMBRA: Genre Guide Non Binding Genre Packet 10-Mar-2014 Requires Login.

Email Lists

List name Access Address IC/OOC Moderators
Lasombra IC Public In Character
Team Lasombra Private