Coordinator Info

Listed Name Listed Email
Kevin O'Connor
Listed Namesort descending Subcoord Title Listed Email
Ben C. Canon NPC Portrayal
Ceeay Malkavian Antitribu / Sabbat
Fred V. Brazil Region
J. Salt Canon NPC Portryal / Admin
Katie-Marie O. Visions List / Canon NPC Portrayal
LA Reger Legacy
Mark K. Legacy / Admin
Matt A. Dominate Malkavians / Canon NPC Portryal
Matt A. Great Lakes Regional Subcoord
Megan Mc. Legacy

Genre Documents

Please contact your chronicle Storyteller staff or Council Member for access to these packets.

Packet Name Type Last Updated Packet Link
MALKAVIAN: Genre Packet Genre Packet 03-Feb-2016 Requires Login.
MALKAVIAN: Mnemosyne Genre Packet Genre Packet 18-Aug-2017 Requires Login.

Email Lists

List name Access Address IC/OOC Membership Moderators
#wearemalkcontent (Everyone allowed, even non-Malks) Public In Character
Freaks List (Non-Camarilla) Public In Character
Kooks List (Non-Sabbat) Public In Character
MMN - Malkavian Madness Network Public In Character Malkavians
Visions List Private In Character Please fill out the google form accessible through the sign-up link to the right. Mods will request Storyteller confirmation.

Coordinator Blog