Coordinator Info

Listed Name Listed Email
Heather A.
Listed Namesort descending Subcoord Title Listed Email
Adam Poisal ADMIN - Lead NPC Support - Technophiles
Blair Boggs ALL Genre R&D Lead NPC Portrayal
Christopher Kyc CREEPS - Genre & NPC Support
Eric Darais CREEPS - Genre & NPC Support
J.J. Commisso Historian/Genre R&D
Larry Wile Historian/Genre R&D
Pablo Celani BRAZIL / All Genre R&D / Lead NPC Portrayal
Rob Spaulding ALL Genre R&D Lead NPC Portrayal
Shawn Robbins RATS - Genre & NPC Support

Genre Documents

Please contact your chronicle Storyteller staff or Council Member for access to these packets.

Packet Name Type Last Updated Packet Link
NOSFERATU: Genre Packet Genre Packet 01-Jan-2009 Requires Login.
NOSFERATU: ShrekNET Packet Genre Packet 23-Jun-2016 Requires Login.

Email Lists

List name Access Address IC/OOC Membership Moderators
SchreckNET Private In Character Players wishing to be added to this group must contact the moderator and fill out the form provided. The player's ST will then be contacted to verify the PC's information.
SchreckNET OOC Public Out of Character