Coordinator Info

Listed Name Listed Email
Denis Brandao owbnwebcoord@gmail.com
Listed Namesort descending Subcoord Title Listed Email
Jonathan Slack Administrative Subcoordinator jslack.owbn@gmail.com

Genre Documents

Please contact your chronicle Storyteller staff or Council Member for access to these packets.

Packet Name Type Last Updated Packet Link
WEB: Archivist Report Instructions 27-Jan-2015 PDF icon Archivist_Report_Instructions.pdf
WEB: Coordinator Page Instructions Genre Packet 10-Oct-2019 PDF icon Changing_Coordinator_Page.pdf
WEB: Coordinator R&U Database Access 18-Sep-2015 Requires Login.
WEB: Council and Storyteller List Managment 15-Nov-2013 Requires Login.
WEB: Creating a New Account 07-Nov-2013 Requires Login.
WEB: Creating a New Vote 11-Dec-2017 PDF icon CreatingNewVote.pdf
WEB: Disciplinary Action Submission Form 13-Jan-2015 PDF icon Disciplinary_Action_Submission_Form.pdf
WEB: How to Vote 10-Nov-2014 PDF icon How to Vote.pdf
Web: Removing Chronicles 18-Feb-2014 Requires Login.
WEB: Submitting Events, Articles, and News Reports 15-Jan-2015 PDF icon Submitting_Events_Articles_News_Reports.pdf
WEB: Updating Chronicle Information 05-Jan-2015 PDF icon Updating_Chronicle_Information.pdf
WEB: Using the Fame Database 27-Aug-2014 PDF icon Using_the_Fame_Database.pdf
WEB: Vampire Custom Content Log Instructions 30-Jan-2015 PDF icon LoggingVampireCustomContent.pdf
WEB: Viewing Closed Votes 24-Nov-2014 PDF icon How_to_View_Closed_Votes.pdf

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