One World By Night: Council Overview

Open Votes

Unless otherwise noted on the ballot page, votes open/close at 12:00:00am Eastern Time of the date listed.

Closed Votes

Here's a list of proposals that closed within the last seven (7) days. Click here for our searchable archive of Council Proposals.

Proposal Name Proposal Type Closed Votes
[Autopass] [Proposal] [Hengeyokai Breed Packet] Nezumi Packet and Corresponding Additions to Character Bylaws Genre Packet
Vote Completed
25-Jan-2020 0
[Character Bylaws] - Addition to Character Bylaws [No Grandfathering] [Laibon] Bylaw Revision
Vote Completed
24-Jan-2020 26
Proposal - changing eligible proposals during Other Coordinator Elections Bylaw Revision
Vote Completed
21-Jan-2020 22