Council - Closed Votes

Closed Votes

Proposal Name Proposal Typesort descending Opened Closing Votes
Deregulation of Out-of-clan Temporis 1-4 Bylaw Revision 12-Jun-2015 19-Jun-2015 51
[AUTO-PASS] Final Sabbat Combi Bylaw Correction Bylaw Revision 24-Jan-2017 24-Jan-2017 0
Proposal: Character Bylaws [Amended] Bylaw Revision 12-Feb-2018 19-Feb-2018 68
Change to Character Regulations Bylaws, Section 8.D.iii Bylaw Revision 21-Sep-2007 21-Sep-2007 1
Ravnos Clan Lore Definition Bylaw Revision 05-Sep-2002 06-Oct-2002 1
Voting text Change - Section 2.A.2 Bylaw Revision 23-Apr-2004 04-May-2004 1
OWbN specific Caitiff bloodlines Bylaw Revision 18-Mar-2001 20-Mar-2001 1
[Exception] Anda Combination Disciplines Bylaw Revision 22-Jul-2016 29-Jul-2016 68
[Seconded] [PROPOSAL] Change to Fallen Lore RNU Bylaw Revision 29-Dec-2018 05-Jan-2019 50
Tremere Antitribu Runoff Bylaw Revision 20-Mar-2001 20-Mar-2001 1
Revenants Bylaw Revision 11-Mar-2005 04-Mar-2005 0
Archivist as Elected Position Bylaw Revision 20-Apr-2010 20-Apr-2010 1
Administrative Proposal: Bylaw Addition: Requirements to Host a Global Conclave Bylaw Revision 05-Aug-2008 29-Jul-2008 0
[AMMENDMENT] [PROPOSAL] Brujah Bloodlines to Brujah Variants Bylaw Revision 07-Oct-2011 14-Oct-2011 1
[ADMINISTRATIVE BYLAW] Archivist Report Section Changes and Updates Bylaw Revision 27-Dec-2014 03-Jan-2014 0
Amendment of Article 3 Bylaw Revision 24-May-2001 31-May-2001 1
[Proposal] Character Bylaws Revision Bylaw Revision 21-Apr-2016 28-Apr-2016 54
[Proposal] Clarification of Experience Cost Variation and Rotes Bylaw Revision 15-Jun-2017 22-Jun-2017 63
Qualmi Bylaw Revision 18-Apr-2001 21-Apr-2001 1
Redundant Regulation Bylaw Bylaw Revision 11-Nov-2003 20-Nov-2003 1
[Proposal] Character Bylaw 4 Change Bylaw Revision 09-Dec-2015 16-Dec-2015 56
[Proposal] [No Grandfathering] Clan Friendship: Malkavian Merit Bylaw Revision 27-Mar-2018 03-Apr-2018 68
Keui-Jin Vote 2 Bylaw Revision 21-Apr-2001 23-Apr-2001 1
Elimination of Physical Game Attendance Requirement. Bylaw Revision 02-May-2011 02-May-2011 1
Bloodhunt Procedures Bylaw Revision 29-May-2001 05-Jun-2001 1