Council - Closed Votes

Closed Votes

E.g., 12/2019
E.g., 12/2019
Proposal Name Proposal Typesort descending Opened Closing Votes
Definition of Boons for Status Packet Genre Packet 22-Jul-2002 23-Jul-2002 1
Genre Proposal: Revised Silent Strider Tribal Genre Packet Genre Packet 04-Jun-2008 28-May-2008 0
[PROPOSAL] [AUTOPASS] [OBJECTION] 2018 Anarch Magic in the Movement Packet [Full Grandfathering] With [Bylaw Update] [ANARCH] Genre Packet 21-Nov-2018 28-Nov-2018 66
Serpent of the Light Wanga and Voodoo Packet [autopass] Genre Packet 17-Sep-2010 10-Sep-2010 0
[Proposal] [Auto-Pass] 2019 Camarilla Genre Packet (ver 3.0) Genre Packet 22-Apr-2019 29-Apr-2019 0
Tremere Secret Society - Astors Genre Packet 15-Sep-2004 16-Sep-2004 1
Setite Genre Packet : Update Genre Packet 26-Sep-2006 27-Sep-2006 1
Sabbat Black Hand Packet Genre Packet 24-Sep-2010 24-Sep-2010 1
[PROPOSAL][AUTO-PASS] Lasombra Clan Packet Genre Packet 12-Feb-2019 14-Feb-2019 0
Creation of OWBN History Page Genre Packet 14-Jul-2004 13-Jul-2004 1
Tremere Secret Society - Brothers of Absinthe Genre Packet 15-Sep-2004 16-Sep-2004 1
Genre Proposal : Voudoun Necromancy packet Genre Packet 26-Sep-2006 27-Sep-2006 1
Table the Tremere Genre Proposals until after elections Genre Packet 08-Nov-2001 19-Nov-2001 1
Autopass: Proposal: Updated House Packet Genre Packet 25-Aug-2010 18-Aug-2010 0
Tremere Secret Society - Children of thePyramid Genre Packet 15-Sep-2004 16-Sep-2004 1
[PROPOSAL][PACKET][AUTO-PASS] Hunter Packet Genre Packet 17-Jul-2019 17-Jul-2019 0
AUTOPASS Nosferatu Clan Packet Minor Edit Genre Packet 04-Aug-2009 28-Jul-2009 0
Camarilla Status Packet Revision (page 5, item 7) Genre Packet 15-Mar-2011 15-Mar-2011 1
Genre Proposal: Serpent of the Light Voudoun Necromancy packet Genre Packet 26-Oct-2006 06-Nov-2006 1
Status Granting Positions in Domains. Genre Packet 24-Oct-2011 31-Oct-2011 1
Harbingers of Skulls Genre Packet Genre Packet 26-Jan-2005 19-Jan-2005 0
Tremere Secret Society - Elites Genre Packet 15-Sep-2004 16-Sep-2004 1
Update to Necromancy Packet (revised) Genre Packet 05-Aug-2009 05-Aug-2009 1
Giovanni Genre Packet Genre Packet 18-Jan-2005 25-Jan-2005 1
Assamite Genre Packet Genre Packet 19-Jul-2007 12-Jul-2007 0