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Closed Votes

E.g., 08/2020
E.g., 08/2020
Proposal Namesort ascending Proposal Type Opened Closing Votes
[PROPOSAL] [R&U BYLAW AMMENDMENT] Salubri Lore Restriction Bylaw Revision 21-Apr-2014 28-Apr-2014 70
[Proposal] [Packet][Autopass][Wanga Packet] Genre Packet 27-Jun-2019 29-Jun-2019 0
[PROPOSAL] [NO GRANDFATHERING] [AUTOPASS] Addition to Character Bylaws: Curing Asakku Bylaw Revision 17-Jun-2020 17-Jun-2020 0
[PROPOSAL] [NO GRANDFATHERING] [AMENDMENT] Change to Character bylaws for HoS Merits and Combo Disciplines Bylaw Revision 05-Jul-2018 12-Jul-2018 73
[Proposal] [No Grandfathering] Clan Friendship: Malkavian Merit Bylaw Revision 27-Mar-2018 03-Apr-2018 68
[PROPOSAL] [NO GRANDFATHERING] Addition to the Character Bylaws 17. V20 Soul Decoration Bylaw Revision 31-Jul-2018 31-Jul-2018 0
[PROPOSAL] [KINFOLK] [AMENDMENT #4] Kinfolk Re-Regulation (Some De Reg, some Re-Reg) [GRANDFATHERING Bylaw Revision 10-Apr-2020 17-Apr-2020 42
[Proposal] [General Consensus Vote] Change to Administrative Bylaw 4.III.2 [Autopass] Bylaw Revision 09-May-2013 09-May-2013 0
[Proposal] [Exception] Territory Claim for Tower of Broken Glass, Ann Arbor, Michigan Other Public 29-Jun-2019 06-Jul-2019 37
[Proposal] [Character Bylaws] [Autopass] Fallen Possessing Supernaturals Revisions Bylaw Revision 29-Jun-2020 29-Jun-2020 0
[PROPOSAL] [CHARACTER BYLAWS] Custom Content Circumventing RnU requirements. Bylaw Revision 21-Jul-2020 28-Jul-2020 9
[Proposal] [Character Bylaws] "Rite of Fighting the Death Bear" Bylaw Revision 23-Jun-2020 30-Jun-2020 45
[PROPOSAL] [CHANGING BREEDS] Gurahl Rarity Changes [GRANDFATHERING] Bylaw Revision 26-Oct-2019 02-Nov-2019 3
[Proposal] [CHANGING BREEDS] Changing Breeds Bylaw Restructure 2.0 [AUTOPASS] Bylaw Revision 11-Jan-2019 11-Jan-2019 0
[Proposal] [Bylaw] [Addendum] Vicente de las Navas de Tolosa's Holy Shield[OBJECTION] [Re-prop due to Web Site Crash] Bylaw Revision 16-Sep-2019 23-Sep-2019 33
[Proposal] [Bylaw] [Addendum] Vicente de las Navas de Tolosa's Holy Shield Bylaw Revision 01-Sep-2019 08-Sep-2019 15
[Proposal] [Bylaw] Updating Kiasyd & Maeghar[Objection] [Re-prop post Web Site Crash] Bylaw Revision 16-Sep-2019 23-Sep-2019 33
[Proposal] [Bylaw] Follower of Set Bylaw Restructure Bylaw Revision 27-Sep-2019 04-Oct-2019 33
[PROPOSAL] [BYLAW] Bylaw Change Summary sheet for Plot Bylaw Revision 15-Jan-2017 22-Jan-2017 47
[Proposal] [Bylaws] [AutoPass] Removing Coordinator Notify Assamite Combos Bylaw Revision 15-Apr-2020 16-Apr-2020 0
[Proposal] [Bylaws] [AutoPass] Kairouan Brotherhood Revenants Bylaw Revision 23-Jul-2020 23-Jul-2020 0
[Proposal] [Bylaws] [AutoPass] Assamite Antitribu Lore Bylaw Revision 23-Jul-2020 23-Jul-2020 0
[Proposal] [Bylaws] Kiasyd Deregulation - Take 2 Bylaw Revision 07-Apr-2020 14-Apr-2020 48
[Proposal] [Bylaw update] [Custom Detection] Bylaw Revision 10-Dec-2017 17-Dec-2017 60