Council - Closed Votes

Closed Votes

E.g., 10/2020
E.g., 10/2020
Proposal Name Proposal Type Opened Closingsort ascending Votes
[PROPOSAL] Signing In and Out, A Proposal of Consent and Accepting the Consequences Bylaw Revision 17-Oct-2020 23-Oct-2020 0
[Proposal] [Autopass] Change to Character Bylaw 10 Bylaw Revision 06-Oct-2020 13-Oct-2020 31
[Proposal] [Autopass] Change to Character Bylaw 10 Bylaw Revision 06-Oct-2020 07-Oct-2020 0
[Proposal] Change to Character Bylaw 10 Bylaw Revision 28-Sep-2020 05-Oct-2020 0
[Proposal] [Bylaws] [Amendment 1] [Autopass] Restriction of Dur-An-Ki/Sihr & Alternate Quietus Custom Combination Disciplines Bylaw Revision 03-Oct-2020 03-Oct-2020 0
[Proposal][Coordinator Bylaws] Interim Coordinators Bylaw Revision 25-Sep-2020 02-Oct-2020 39
[PROPOSAL][Genre][Bylaws] Hunter Character Availability Bylaw Revision 24-Sep-2020 01-Oct-2020 36
[PROPOSAL][Genre][Bylaws] Hunter Genre Enforcement Bylaw Revision 24-Sep-2020 01-Oct-2020 37
[Special Election] Salubri Coordinator Coordinator Elections (Special) 08-Sep-2020 15-Sep-2020 43
[Proposal] [General Consensus] 4th Archivist Position Bylaw Revision 01-Sep-2020 01-Sep-2020 0
[PROPOSAL][CHARACTER BYLAWS] GLASS CIELING - F-i Bylaw Revision 28-Aug-2020 28-Aug-2020 0
[Proposal][Packet][Revised] Telyavelic Packet [AUTOPASS] Genre Packet 11-Aug-2020 11-Aug-2020 0
[Proposal] Waiving July 2020 Archivist Reports [Exception] Other Public 02-Aug-2020 09-Aug-2020 30
[Proposal][Revised][Bylaw Modifications] Modifications/Additions to Character bylaws regarding Telyavelic Tremere [AUTOPASS] Bylaw Revision 08-Aug-2020 08-Aug-2020 0
[PROPOSAL] Addition of NPC Thaumaturgy Bylaw Revision 21-Jul-2020 28-Jul-2020 45
[PROPOSAL] [CHARACTER BYLAWS] Custom Content Circumventing RnU requirements. Bylaw Revision 21-Jul-2020 28-Jul-2020 9
[Proposal] Change in Bylaw Phrases Other Public 18-Jul-2020 25-Jul-2020 39
[Proposal] [Bylaws] [AutoPass] Kairouan Brotherhood Revenants Bylaw Revision 23-Jul-2020 23-Jul-2020 0
[Proposal] [Bylaws] [AutoPass] Assamite Antitribu Lore Bylaw Revision 23-Jul-2020 23-Jul-2020 0
[Proposal] Removing Toreador French Genre Packet Genre Packet 20-Jul-2020 22-Jul-2020 0
[Proposal] [Autopass] [Historical Figure] [Assamite] Johann Ludwig Burckhardt R&U Submission 10-Jul-2020 10-Jul-2020 0
[CHANGING BREEDS] [AMENDMENT #3] [BYLAWS] a Message from New Mexico [PLOT] [AUTOPASS][LEGACY] Bylaw Revision 03-Jul-2020 10-Jul-2020 0
[Proposal][Bylaw][Requires Second][No Grandfathering] Addition to unregulated blood magic Bylaw Revision 28-Jun-2020 05-Jul-2020 38
[Bylaws] [Administration] "Redlining" (Amendment 2) Bylaw Revision 25-Jun-2020 02-Jul-2020 41
[CHANGING BREEDS][PACKET] Klaive Primer [NON-BINDING][AUTOPASS] Genre Packet 30-Jun-2020 30-Jun-2020 0