Council - Closed Votes

Closed Votes

E.g., 12/2019
E.g., 12/2019
Proposal Name Proposal Typesort descending Opened Closing Votes
[Proposal] Territory and plot for Assamite Coordinator Other Public 09-Feb-2014 15-Feb-2014 80
Assamite Coordinator Control of Alamut Other Public 24-Apr-2005 17-Apr-2005 0
[AUTOPASS] Territorial Custodianship Claim for Changeling Coordinator Other Public 24-Feb-2017 24-Feb-2017 0
Territorial Custodianship Claim for Sabbat Coordinator Other Public 18-Jan-2011 18-Jan-2011 1
[Seconded] [Proposal] [Exception] Territory Claim for Shadow's Crossing, Rohnert Park, CA Other Public 03-May-2019 10-May-2019 26
What Is Your Favorite Cookie Other Public 10-Jan-2012 12-Jan-2012 1
testing public Other Public 01-Dec-2003 25-Nov-2003 1
[PROPOSAL]Territory Claim for Dark Colony Hartford Other Public 03-Apr-2013 09-Apr-2013 1
Territorial Custodianship Claim for Brujah Coordinator [autopass] Other Public 21-Dec-2010 14-Dec-2010 0
[PROPOSAL][Amended] Territorial Custodianship Claim for Wraith Coordinator Other Public 25-May-2016 25-May-2016 0
testing ahc dualvotes Other Public 20-Nov-2003 17-Nov-2003 1
NPC Dalton Stevens for Obsidian Towers R&U Submission 17-Dec-2008 30-Dec-2008 1