Council - Closed Votes

Closed Votes

E.g., 06/2020
E.g., 06/2020
Proposal Name Proposal Typesort descending Opened Closing Votes
Webminister Timeline Bylaw Revision 18-Dec-2007 17-Dec-2007 1
Proposal: Raising the Bar - Tremere Lords Bylaw Revision 01-Aug-2010 01-Aug-2010 1
[Coordinator Bylaws] Marketing Coordinator - Position Review, Part II Bylaw Revision 24-Oct-2014 31-Oct-2014 64
[Proposal][Administrative] Bylaw Change - Voting Recounts Bylaw Revision 10-Apr-2018 17-Apr-2018 62
[Proposal][DAs] Elimination of Censure and Condemnation Bylaw Revision 07-Oct-2019 14-Oct-2019 48
Banning Elder Powers for PCs Bylaw Revision 19-May-2004 19-May-2004 1
Exemption for Rogue Necromancy Bylaw Revision 23-Sep-2009 23-Sep-2009 1
[Administrative Proposal] Revision of Coordinator Bylaw 2, Appointed Coordinators Bylaw Revision 07-Jan-2009 31-Dec-2008 0
Assamite Bedouin Warriors Bylaw Revision 28-Mar-2001 28-Mar-2001 1
Technocracy Runoff Bylaw Revision 30-May-2001 30-May-2001 1
Revision of XP system Bylaw Revision 14-Feb-2002 23-Feb-2002 1
[Proposal] R&U for Anarch Lore [Autopass] Bylaw Revision 13-Feb-2013 13-Feb-2013 0
[AMENDED] [PROPOSAL] Change to Sect Defection Bylaw Revision 02-Aug-2015 09-Aug-2015 48
Bylaw Addition: Regulation of the teaching of Combination Disciplines Bylaw Revision 15-Apr-2008 17-Apr-2008 1
Genre Proposal: Supernatural Kinfolk Clarification Bylaw Revision 20-Sep-2007 13-Sep-2007 0
Revenants Bylaw Revision 06-Jun-2001 07-Jun-2001 1
Repeal of the Homegrown Rituals Proposal Bylaw Revision 02-Apr-2003 14-Apr-2003 1
Amendment to Coordinator bylaw 3.c.ii.3 Bylaw Revision 17-Jan-2011 17-Jan-2011 1
[Bylaw Amendment] Coordinator Bylaw Change: 3. vi Web Coordinator Bylaw Revision 29-Apr-2014 06-May-2014 54
[Autopass][Administrative] Fix to Administrative Bylaw 7.D.ii.2 Bylaw Revision 10-Oct-2016 10-Oct-2016 0
[PROPOSAL] Change to Character bylaw 10.f.iii Bylaw Revision 03-Dec-2017 10-Dec-2017 43
Ceilican Rarity Change Bylaw Revision 11-Apr-2005 04-Apr-2005 0
Disallowing Toreador Guild Membership at Character Creation Bylaw Revision 22-May-2010 22-May-2010 1
Khan Runoff Bylaw Revision 30-Apr-2001 03-May-2001 1
Addition to the Administrative By-Laws for Disciplinary Proceedings Bylaw Revision 26-Apr-2011 26-Apr-2011 1