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Email Lists

List namesort descending Access Address IC/OOC
All the Sabbat Lists Public In Character
Anarch IC List Subscription Email Private owbnanarchmovement-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
Anarch OOC List Subscription Email Private owbnanarch_ooc-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
Anarch Team Contact Private owbn-anarchcouncil@googlegroups.com
Arizona Anarchs Anonymous ST List Private aaa_st@googlegroups.com
Assamite OOC List Public assamites-of-owbn@yahoogroups.com Out of Character
Black Hand List Public black-hand-owbn@googlegroups.com In Character
Blackened Veins IC List Public bv_ic@yahoogroups.com In Character
Blackened Veins OOC List Public blackened_veins@yahoogroups.com
Brujah Team Private teambrujah@googlegroups.com Out of Character
Children of the Dracon Public owbn-sabbat-children-of-dracon@googlegroups.com In Character
Clan Toreador Private clantoreador@yahoogroups.com In Character
Cobras IC Public owbn-cobras@googlegroups.com In Character
Cult of Lilith Public cult-of-lilith@googlegroups.com In Character
Custom Thaumaturgy Submissions Private thaumaturgy-submissions@googlegroups.com
Five Nights - in character Public five_nights_ic@yahoogroups.com In Character
Five Nights - out of character Public five_nights_ooc@yahoogroups.com
Gangrel IC List Public Gangrel@yahoogroups.com In Character
Gangrel OOC List Public Gangrel_OOC@yahoogroups.com Out of Character
Giovanni Team Email Contact Private owbngiovanni@googlegroups.com
Gossip Net (OOC) Public gossipnet@yahoogroups.com Out of Character
Historian Group Private owbn-historian@googlegroups.com
IC Giovanni List Public owbnfamilygiovannidirectory@yahoogroups.com In Character
IC Samedi List - SamediNetwork@yahoogroups.com
Indianapolis by Night Storyteller List Private owbn_indy_st@yahoogroups.com