Email Lists

List name Access Addresssort ascending IC/OOC
#wearemalkcontent (Everyone allowed, even non-Malks) Public In Character
Tremere Staff List Private
Toreador Brazil OOC Public Out of Character
toreador_brasil_ic Public In Character
Custom Thaumaturgy Submissions Private
Brujah Team Private Out of Character
Salubri Team Contact Private
Team Lasombra Private
Camarilla Team Contact Private
Setite Staff Private
SchreckNET Private In Character
Pander Movement Public In Character
Ravnos Brazilian IC List Public In Character
Pander's Playground OOC List Public
Pander's Playground IC List Public In Character
Occult Underground Public In Character
Inquisition List Public In Character
Indianapolis by Night Storyteller List Private
Harbinger IC List Private In Character
Giovanni OOC List Public Out of Character
Giovanni IC List Private In Character
Changeling OOC Email List Private Out of Character
Changeling IC Email List Private In Character
Camarilla IC International Email list Private In Character
Tribe: Wendigo List Private In Character