Email Lists

List name Access Addresssort descending IC/OOC
Team Hengeyokai
Team Hengeyokai
Team Nosferatu List
Membership Team
Joining the Anarch IC List Private In Character
National IC Mage list
All the Sabbat Lists Public In Character
Tremere Pyramid IC List Private In Character
Sabbat IC List
Historian Team Private
Arizona Anarchs Anonymous ST List Private
Assamite Coordinator Team Email Private
Assamite OOC List Public Out of Character
Black Hand List Public In Character
Blackened Veins OOC List Public
Blackened Veins IC List Public In Character
Clan Toreador Private In Character
CoH Schism List Public In Character
Cult of Lilith Public In Character
Five Nights - in character Public In Character
Five Nights - out of character Public
Freaks List (Non-Camarilla) Public In Character