Email Lists

List name Access Address IC/OOCsort descending
Assamite Coordinator Team Email Private
Blackened Veins OOC List Public
Sabbat IC List
Five Nights - out of character Public
Mage Staff list Private
Historian Group Private
Tremere Character Approvals Private
Tremere Staff List Private
owbn-demonstaff Private
Historian Team Private
Indianapolis by Night Storyteller List Private
Team Lasombra Private
Custom Thaumaturgy Submissions Private
Arizona Anarchs Anonymous ST List Private
Salubri Team Contact Private
Team Nosferatu List
Anarch Team Contact Private
Setite Staff Private
Executive Team Email Contact Private
Camarilla Team Contact Private
Pander's Playground OOC List Public
National IC Mage list
Children of the Dracon Public In Character