Anarch Event

Anarch Event

Event Description:

Site: Croton Point Park @ Croton-On Hudson, Ny

Site Fee: None


Pre-Registration Fees:

 One day Registration Flat Rate: $15.00 a day.

 Whole Event Registration Rate:

  • April 1-30:                  
    • $20 for whole weekend
  • May 1-June 30:           
    • $25 for whole weekend
  • July 1 or at the door:   
    • $30 for whole weekend


Food Plan:

This year we will not be able to provide most accommodations for dietary restrictions as the previous years. If you have dietary restrictions, please make sure you have brought food for the event. We have two volunteers who will be providing dinner on Friday, and dinner on Saturday. Lunch on Saturday will consist of Sandwiches.

We will be doing the same ticket method that was done last year. 1 ticket = 1 meal.

  • One meal ticket:                                   
    • $7
  • Meal Tickets for whole weekend:        
    • $21


Drink Plan:

  • Water/Lemonade one day:                    
    • $5
  • Water/Lemonade whole weekend:        
    • $10


Character Submission:

As this is an Anarch event, it is for Anarch and Independent PCs.  All other vampire PC’s are Storyteller approval to play at this event. Non-vampire PC’s are not permitted.

If you have a PC that would require approvals, please contact

All sheets must be submitted by July 13th 2018.

We do understand not everyone plays an Anarch or Independent PC, arrangements will be worked out provided staff has been contacted in a timely fashion. Please do not show up the day of event with your Camarilla Prince, or Sabbat ArchBishop… we will sadly have to turn you away.


House Rules for UTR can be found here UTR HOUSE RULES

All sheets should be emailed to

We prefer GEX or RTF Grapevine files over Puppetprince. If you do not have Grapevine for your game, please have your ST contact our Admin at above email for how to get us a copy of the sheet.

PLEASE make sure you send the emails to the ADMIN email of not to the staff email.


Start Time/Check-In/Game-off

- Check in - 5:00pm Friday; Saturday game on is 2pm with all-day check-in per ST availability

- Planned “Game On” by 6:30pm

- Game off - When the last Staff member drops each night.


Event Dates: 27-Jul-2018 2:15PM EDT to 29-Jul-2018 2:15PM EDT
Genre(s): Anarch
ST Contact: utrststaff@gmail.comu
Event Website:
House Rules: Link

Lodging Information:

Lodging Type: Campground

Event Updates

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