Battle for Griffith Park (Kubla Con Garou)

Battle for Griffith Park (Kubla Con Garou)

Event Description:

IC: A howl has broken through the silence that has surrounded Southern California for years. A howl of war, a howl for allies, a howl of sorrow for those who have been lost to get this far. A call to battle. Griffith Park’s Black Spiral Dancer Pit must fall- and fall hard. The Sept of Angel’s Tears calls out to their brothers and sisters of the Garou Nation and its Allies to help raid the Griffith Park BSD Pit and bring it back.

OOC: Join us at Kubla Con (That’s Northern California!) for a special Garou Game that will determine the fate of the Los Angeles Area. This is an all for nothing battle that will bring Glory and Honor to those who defend in Gaia’s name! We will be playing SATURDAY May 26, 2018 at 11:00 AM until approximately 5:00 PM. This is a one day, one game event to determine the fate of Los Angeles. The game will, thus, be “in character” located in Los Angeles (but we’ll be up safe in Northern California), We welcome all Garou players, and all players who want to check out Garou to this fun filled Raid that hive event. As a note, this is more of a dungeon crawl and less of 4 hours of mass combat vs baddies. The “packs” will be given victory conditions to win the day. We encourage people to think about playing lower end characters or even new characters. Don’t worry Elders, I have a scary adventure for those who show up!

Current Characters Please RSVP Here.
New or Beginning Characters who need or want pregenerated characters/ plotlines please RSVP here and answer a few questions.


Event Dates: 26-May-2018 8:00AM to 2:00PM PDT
Genre(s): Garou, Other Changing Breeds
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Lodging Type: Hotel

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