Beltane 2014

Beltane 2014

Event Description:

* This event hosts Werewolf: the Apocalypse and Mage: the Ascension game. 

* All characters must be from a current OWbN-affiliated game. New characters can be generated on site, as per HF/ToP House Rules.

*NPCs will be available for play.

* This is an IMMERSIVE game, meaning the game runs roughly 24/7 for the event.


Camp Cedarcrest


Cost: $40 pre-reg, $50 at the door.

Cost includes lodging and at least two dinners.

Please paypal as “sending money to a friend” so that no fees are taken out.

Please include your character(s) names along with the paypal.

We can also accept credit cards, though you’ll be charged a couple dollars to cover the processing fee. Contact us if you’d like to arrange that.

Sheets and pre-reg are both due April 30th.

We will accept sheet updates up until May 11th, 11:59 EST.

While we will accept sheets after the deadline, complicated or unusual things are much more likely to get removed from the sheet if we don’t have the lead time to ask questions about them.

NOTE: This fee includes meals: Dinner for Saturday and Sunday nights, and likely one or two other meals (details forthcoming). Since we pay for these out of pocket, we do welcome donations. Hardship: Can’t afford the whole fee? This is understandable and negotiations can be made on a case by case basis. Expect some announcements on discounts available to those who volunteer.

If you need assistance, go ahead and contact us at and tell us. If you want to donate money to alleviate another’s financial burden you can do that too. 

Paypal email:

=================== SHEET REQUIREMENTS/INFO ===================

Please send sheets to . GEX format is preferred. Sheets should be sent by an ST, though if you have unusual stuff you want to work out with us ahead of time we can do that beforehand and then have your ST send the “official” copy.

ATTRIBUTES – At Athro+, we use a staggered trait cap. Athro is 16/15/14. Elder is 18/17/16. 

ITEMS/SPIRIT COMPANIONS/ETC – Please include all equipment, especially custom items/fetishes/talens/etc, on the pre-regged sheet so they can be reviewed beforehand. Because of extremely long check in time requirements, we are only going to allow one item card per person at check in. If you want to be able to use it, please make sure it’s on your sheet (with writeup) when it gets sent. This also applies to any spirit allies/companions/numen/etc. Please give us full statistics on the sheet or at the very least a page reference if it’s 100% identical.

TALENS & SPIRIT BREW – We allow characters to enter with a number of talens equal to your Rank + Gnosis. Theurges may enter with double that number. Characters with Spirit Notoriety are limited further, we will contact you if it applies to your character. Spirit Brews are not talens, they are a special item produced by the Rite of the Spirit Brew – anyone possessing that Rite may enter play with two spirit brews.

OUT OF BTA GIFTS – We don’t have a hard and fast rule, but in general be aware that we do take these into consideration. If you’ve only got a few, you’re probably fine unless it’s very out of theme (Red Talon gifts on a Glasswalker or something similar). Some very common/easily accessible gifts I don’t even count toward the out of BTA total (Sense Wyrm, for example). One-tribe specific gifts we tend to be harsher on, as well as gifts that everyone and their brother seems to have out of BTA. If you’re concerned about what your sheet might look like, please try to get it in to us earlier – we would like to work to make sure you get to keep the most critical items as long as they fit thematically, and we’re okay with giving you other things to make up for items that you may have lost.

ABILITIES – We limit overlapping abilities. For example, you can’t have more than 5 levels divided between Brawl and any sort of hand-to-hand Martial Arts. If you have any questions about this, let us know.

POINT COUNT – Please do a quick check of your sheets before sending them. We’ve had incidents where a sheet said “40 XP earned” and there was at least 120XP worth of stuff on it, or sheets with a start date of a month beforehand and over 100XP. There’s almost always a good explanation for it, but having to take the time to contact STs and sort out the discrepancy is a pain for everyone involved. TL;DR version – Get your sheet into us earlier, and you’ll probably get more of what you want since we’ll have time to work with you and your STs. Sheets at the door will require a signature/stamp from your game’s ST and contact information so we can get a hold of them if we have questions. Preferably phone, so we’re not all waiting forever for email responses.


Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Event Dates: 23-May-2014 8:00PM CDT to 26-May-2014 5:00PM CDT
Genre(s): Garou, Mage
ST Contact:
Event Website:
House Rules: Link

Lodging Information:

Camp Cedarcrest
Lodging Type: Campground

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