Beltane 2015

Beltane 2015

Event Description:

Beltane is the time of the spring fires. The time when darkness is cracked open. A time of hospitality, alliances, and joining together - in many senses of the word. The Sept of the Hidden Flame has been welcoming visitors for years now to indulge in story and song, liquor and lust, battle and brotherhood. Our hearth is set, and we welcome our friends once again.

Event Dates: 22-May-2015 3:00PM EDT to 25-May-2015 12:00PM EDT
Genre(s): Garou, Other Changing Breeds, Mage
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Lodging Information:

Camp Cedarcrest, Orange CT
Lodging Type: Campground
Website: Link
Lodging Details:

Cabins are quite comfortable.  Electricity, bunk beds, fireplaces if it gets cold though that is usually unnecessary.  Showers are available, and the hot water heaters have been upgraded, so unless you're at the end of a very long line hot water is no longer an issue.  You should bring your own bedding.  There are a number of hotels within 10-20 minutes of the site for those who prefer a hotel.

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