CoreCon X

CoreCon X

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Dear Friends of the Camarilla,

In recent years the Camarilla domains of North Dakota have had many trials but we have withstood them all and remain strong today.  There have been many victories but not without great cost.  Some of those who have nobly served our domain have been lost to the rebellion, to demons, or other enemies of the Camarilla.  It is only right for us to honor their sacrifices.  They helped our domain greatly and we must honor their deeds and contributions.  Each year at the beginning of the summer we hold a celebration. This year we honor those heroes that have served the Camarilla in North Dakota.  This is not a mourning event but a festival to honor the loss and sacrifice of our loyal members.  To honor these heroes we will showcase our skills and engage in a series of friendly contests.  

We will hold a memorial service and encourage those who have a story of a brave fallen Kindred who has positively affected the Domain of Fargo to come forward and tell it.  If you know of a fallen kindred you want mentioned in the service please log that name with me ahead of time to ensure that all are given an opportunity.  We will share stories honor the fallen.

Car jousting is a time honored tradition in this domain and as such our celebration will include a car jousting tournament.  To enter you will need a driver and a jouster.  You may bring a car or we will provide one.  Participants will be evaluated in several different categories of skill.  If you want to show us what you can do come to Fargo this May.  The event will take place during the nights of May the 24th to the 26th. Our harpy’s contact is (  )


  • Fafnir Greyfell, Keeper of Fargo, ND

Acknowledged, Loyal, Respected

Honorable as Keeper

Valorous as a member of the Ivory Legion



This is and event game for the Core Con 10 in Fargo, ND.



About Rooms the Website says this:

CoreCon X will be held May 24th-27th, 2018 at the Holiday Inn. Rooms for 2018 are $99 each night and available on a first come, first served basis. Room registration applies for Thursday through Saturday night unless otherwise indicated. Please call (701) 282-2700 to reserve your room in the CoreCon block. Make sure to specify you are with our convention to ensure you get the discounted rate.

Hotel questions? Send an email to

The Address:

Holiday Inn

3803 13th Avenue South

Fargo, ND 58103

(701) 282-2700

Event Dates: 24-May-2018 4:45PM EDT to 27-May-2018 4:45PM EDT
Genre(s): Camarilla
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Lodging Type: Hotel

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