Glitter and Gloom 2014

Glitter and Gloom 2014

Event Description:

A thick fog rolls across the water carrying the faint sounds of shanties long forgotten. The dark water swells with fear of creatures as old as the sea. A distant song of a siren drifts on the wind. The lights of the Harbor, lit for a weekend celebration, are comforting.
But the Harbor waters still call for you...

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Camarilla,

I have the pleasure of announcing that Prince Luther Rommell will once again be hosting Baltimore Glitter and Gloom 2014! The event will be held on March 21 and 22 at the Admiral Fells Elysium in Baltimore, MD. The theme this year is Sirens and Sailors. Costume as your favorite creature of the deep, sing along with other pirates or don the uniforms of different Navies from across the world on Friday night. As always, we will have our Black and White Ball on Saturday evening!

We have many enjoyable affairs occurring during the course of the weekend which have been listed below. More information about each event will sent out in the near future:

* The Impractical Practical Invention Contest
* A Silent Auction hosted by Seneschal Alicia Knight
* A Game of Mystery hosted by Primogen Colette Green  
* Music/DJ
* A Celebration of Life- a time to share stories in memory of those we have lost
All Camarilla citizens as well as Anarchs and Independents are welcome to attend.  I request that all visitors please use the following link to RSVP by March 14th: (OOC Note: This is not a google doc IC. )

Should you need assistance, please contact your clan representatives who are listed below:

Brujah: Primogen Charlie z Phray
Children of Haqim: Primogen Evelyn Landrake
Gangrel: Primogen Dougal Sutherland
Lasombra: Primogen Jared Obstfeld
Malkavian: Primogen Colette Green
Nosferatu: Primogen Vanessa Lee
Toreador: Primogen Evelyn Landrake
Tremere: Primogen Tilly Cage
Ventrue: Primogen Natalie Dunstin
All other clans: Harpy Mercy St. Isaac

Hope to see you there!

Mercy St. Isaac

Harpy of Baltimore, MD
OOC: Etiquette, etc. where needed


This is the fourth annual Glitter & Gloom event hosted by Baltimore by Night: Dark Harbor and you are invited! Fun begins on Friday, March 21st and the event wraps up Saturday night, March 22nd. Glitter and Gloom 2014 is also going to be a Nosferatu Event again. Didn’t hear about it? That’s on purpose. ;) More info to come later!

There will be the standard Camarilla game running both nights, with a Sabbat game running during the days. Look forward to a large Nosferatu event, Camarilla courts, contests, performances, dancing and sleuth galore!

Pre-reg is open and is $25 through March 14th. Use the form at to both pre-reg and RSVP (one-stop shopping for convenience this year!)

For information about the hotel, travel, event registration and everything else you need to know about the event, please view the individual pages.

Sheets are due no later than 11:59 pm est on March 14th, and should be sent to More information is available on the website.

Event Staff can be reached at: eventsts[at]googlegroups[dot]com

Event Dates: 21-Mar-2014 9:00PM EDT to 23-Mar-2014 3:45AM EDT
Genre(s): Camarilla, Sabbat, Anarch
ST Contact:
Event Website: Link
House Rules: Link

Lodging Information:

Admiral Fell's Inn
Lodging Type: Hotel
Lodging Details:

We'll be hosting the event at the amazing Admiral Fell's Inn in Baltimore, Maryland in the Fell's Point neighborhood.  The hotel is located right on the water and we have taken over the hotel.  Everything you will need is within walking distance of the hotel, including cheap food, bars, Good Will store, more bars and tours. Also look for the ghost tour of this haunted hotel hosting the event. 

We've secured a hotel rate of $139 (including fees) per night + tax for Friday and Saturday night.  The hotel has already opened the room block.  To get the discounted rate, when making your reservations inform the hotel that you are with the One World by Night group.  We expect rooms to go fast so you'll want to set up your reservations as soon as possible.  Reservations will be made with the hotel by calling 866.583.4162. IMPORTANT: The hotel only has 20 double rooms. These go first and fast, so book now. You can always cancel later and like always, your card is not charged. Our room block is larger this year, so every double and some cooler rooms are available as well. Yeah, you know what you want. ;)

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