Glitter and Gloom 2016

Glitter and Gloom 2016

Event Description:


"The woods are lovely, dark and deep,  

But I have promises to keep,  

And miles to go before I sleep,  

And miles to go before I sleep......"


Ladies and Gentlemen of the Camarilla,

I have the pleasure of announcing that Prince Luther Rommell will once again be hosting Baltimore Glitter and Gloom 2016! The event will be held on March 17, 18 and 19 at the Lord Baltimore Elysium in Baltimore, MD. Yes, you have read the dates correctly. We will be hosting the event over the course of three nights!

On Thursday and Friday evening, we invite guests to join us in the theme of Enchanted Woods. We are excited to see the different interpretations. Whether your representation of Enchanted Woods is to bring woods based fairy tales to life, incorporating forest colors into your dress or embodying woodland creatures (real and fantasy), we welcome all ideas and would love to see yours. Saturday night will be our customary Black and White Ball.

Throughout the event, we will have many different activities in which guests may participate. We will have more announcements regarding those activities closer to the event.

I request that all visitors please use the following address to RSVP by March 6th.  (OOC Note: This is not a google doc IC. )

Should you need assistance, please contact your clan representatives who are listed below:

Brujah: Primogen Damian Drake
Children of Haqim: Sheriff Viktor Milot      
Gangrel: Prince Asher Greggorsen     
Lasombra: Primogen Jared Obstfeld
Malkavian: Seneschal Izarra Getzi
Nosferatu: Primogen Vanessa Lee
Toreador: Keeper Evelyn Landrake
Tremere: Primogen Tilly Cage
Ventrue: Primogen Jacklyn Clackston
All other clans: Harpy Mercy St. Isaac

Hope to see you there!

Mercy St. Isaac

Harpy of Baltimore, MD


OOC info!!!



Can you believe that this is going to be the sixth annual Glitter & Gloom event hosted by Baltimore by Night: Dark Harbor?  Guess what... YOU ARE INVITED!  We've heard your cries too, and we've extended this into a three night event!  Yep, that's right, Glitter & Gloom 2016 will begin on Thursday, March 17th and play through until the wee hours of Saturday, March 19th. 

Thanks to the support of you wonderful people, we've grown a bit large over the years and we've had to say farewell the Admiral Fell Inn, but fear not.  This year we will be hosting our festivities at the glorious Lord Baltimore, in the heart of downtown Baltimore, MD.  Everything you will need is within walking distance of the hotel including cheap food, convenience stores, bars, tours, and the awesome Baltimore Inner Harbor.

We've secured a hotel rate of $139 per night + tax and fees for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. To get the discounted rate, simply follow this link:


IMPORTANT: The hotel is only offering this rate if you book by February 15th. It costs nothing to reserve a room, so do it now before the rate increases. We already have a lot of reservations, so please book soon!


Lord Baltimore Hotel

20 W Baltimore St

Baltimore, MD 21201

Travel info: BWI airport for fastest and cheapest rates. Drivers take I-95 to Baltimore. Amtrak: take to Baltimore Penn Station. Locals: Google Map the above address.

Pre-Reg and Payment:

Pre-reg is $40 through March 1st. $50 will be the cost at the door. If you pay at the door, you will have the options to pay via credit card or cash.

For PayPal:


Please send PayPal payments or Google Wallet payments to


Please mark PayPal transactions as a gift to avoid extra fees on our end. Please include your name and the name of any other player who is being covered by your payment. Your email address will be noted and STs may use it to contact you if they need to. You will be emailed a receipt with a transaction number which can be used to find your payment information. Please keep your confirmation email as it is your proof of payment.


This payment is for game registration only. You will need to make your hotel reservation separately as well as RSVP in-character.




Please have your STs send your character sheet(s). Sheets are requested to be sent as .gex files. Sheets will be due to STs by March 6th and must be sent to


The event staff can be reached at

Event Dates: 17-Mar-2016 5:00PM CDT to 20-Mar-2016 5:00PM CDT
Genre(s): Camarilla, Anarch, Giovanni
Event Website:

Lodging Information:

Lord Baltimore
Lodging Type: Hotel
Website: Link

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