Mage: the Ascension at Midwinter 2015

Mage: the Ascension at Midwinter 2015

Event Description:

The Sphinx has been mysterious in its dealings, but the past two years have shown at least a glimmer of their influence. This time, the approach seems to be a bit more politely presented.

The paper arrives in an unexpected place, at an unexpected time, but draws the eye and hand of those it was meant for.

"Portents are changing. What once was, may no longer be. Fate has spun its pattern, but there are those who dye whole cloth to their liking. If you would be one who weaves garments to their own fit, step outside at the appointed time, and you will find what you seek."


Friday, Saturday

6:00 PM - Midnight


12:00 PM - 6:00 PM


Pre-Generated Sheets will be available.

Event Dates: 16-Jan-2015 11:00AM CST to 18-Jan-2015 5:00PM CST
Genre(s): Mage
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Event Website: Link

Lodging Information:

Hilton Downtown Milwaukee City Center
Lodging Type: Hotel
Website: Link
Lodging Details:

Hilton Downtown Milwaukee City Center
509 W Wisconsin Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53203

Rates from $108/night

We're also hosting a raffle in order to collect room confirmation #'s. More details about the raffle and prizes in the coming days and weeks. The form to join the raffle is at

Why are we gathering room #'s, you may ask? We have been given some premium space this year. Us booking rooms at the host hotel is our way that we can show our support of Midwinter!

For those who aren't familiar with convention logistics - when a convention host signs up for a space, the price they pay for their space is typically tied in with a commitment to book a certain # of rooms / room nights. In some cases, a hotel will charge a lot more if the host doesn't meet the minimum requirements in their contract.

TL;DR: Book your room at and sign up for the raffle -

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