Midwest Palla Grande 2015

Midwest Palla Grande 2015

Event Description:


To my brothers and sisters of the Sword,

I would like to invite all True Sabbat to the Communal, in the Madison diocese for this years celebration of Palla Grande in the Midwest. 

I am absolutely excited to share in this ritae with one and all True Sabbat. A two night celebration will be held the thirtieth and thirty first of October.

Let us party, let us feed, let us drink together.

I welcome you,

Priscus Archer

“I cried tears of love as I, with sharp things sacrificed that which was the first part of my joy, my brother.”


Another year another Palla Grande. The staff of Milwaukee Black Crusade wants to invite everyone to join us for a 2 night Palla Grande in the Midwest event.

This will be held at the Neverwhere site located at 2312 63rd St Kenosha WI 53143. Entrance to the building is on the east side of the building.

Pre-registration is open now. It will be run much like last year. Email mbcsabbatst@gmail.com, inform us of what you are pre-registering for and we will send you an invoice from Pay Pal.

Pre-registration prices until October 10th 2015:
$15 Both nights 
$10 Single night

After October 10th 2015 or at the door:
$20 Both nights
$10 For a single night 

We will also be offering a Palla Grande Retest add on for. It will include 2 PVE retest and 1 Fortune of the Damned (Retest for Path check, Ritae or Frenzy challenge).
$10 for Palla Grande Retest package.

Sign in will begin at 7pm both nights.
Game on at 8pm
Game wrap 1 am.

Sheets can be send to Mbcsabbatst@gmail.com due by October 23rd if you do not want to risk the sharpy of doom at sign in. Faster check in and ST will have a chance look over them. Any custom content on sheets needs to submit the write up with their sheet or in the character sheets notes to the st staff by the due date. 

Thank you all and we hope to see you all at Palla Grande.

Milwaukee Black Crusades Staff.

Event Dates: 30-Oct-2015 6:00PM to 11:00PM CDT
Genre(s): Sabbat
ST Contact: mbcsabbatst@gmail.com
Event Website: Link
House Rules: Link

Lodging Information:

Best Western
Lodging Type: Hotel

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