OWBN Camarilla at Midwinter Gaming Convention

OWBN Camarilla at Midwinter Gaming Convention

Event Description:

(In-Character Announcement)

Citizens of the Camarilla

Prince Matthias Warren, the Raven Prince of Milwaukee, would like to cordially invite you to our annual Midwinter Gathering on January 16-19. Our themes for the weekend shall be:

  • Thursday: Rhapsody in Blue
  • Friday: Black Tie, White Noise
  • Saturday: Milwaukee Speakeasy

The weekend will kick off with the Rhapsody in Blue party. Influenced by George Gershwin's jazz composition, the night will be a social gathering draped in blue. Blue is the color of tranquility, sleep and the sky. Blue has many cultural references and meanings and has impacted art and society for generations. The mythical 'blue note' is associated with the Jazz movement, and rumored to be attempted in many jazz compositions.

Black tie, White noise will be our black tie evening. Based off David Bowies album of the same name. The album was inspired by Bowies own wedding to his current wife. The album rejuvenated his career and moved him forward into his newer artistic renaissance, making the album the start if his mature musical career. Bold and modern black tie wear will be the standard for the evening.

Historically, Milwaukee has been a leader in beer production, including during the Prohibition Era. This placed Milwaukee as a central location for several famous speakeasies, gangsters and shoot outs of the 1920s era. Speakeasies still exist in our city today, operating as bars or entertainment spots nightly. The 1920s was a beautiful era of excess, desires and disillusionment. Because Midwinter highlights our city, we ask that you enjoy our speakeasy and participate in our theme. If you need ideas, please check out www.milwaukeehistory.net.

As always, we ask that everyone traveling to our city please RSVP. You can do so at this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1PTZs9nzmRv2kPyJE9xSSD1_IAgHQmg3gJvxJsQP... . RSVPs will close at Midnight, January 9th. No RSVPs will be accepted after that time.

If you have any questions, they can be sent to Harpy Isabella Valez-Rodriguez at bodyandsoul152@gmail.com

Isabella Valez-Rodriguez
Harpy of Milwaukee
((burn to learn))

(OOC - From the ST Staff)

Greetings one and all! It’s that time of year again for the Midwinter Gaming Convention. Milwaukee: Nocturnal Raptures staff is looking forward to hosting you all again this year!

For Convention information: All pertinent registration, hotel, contact, parking, etc. information can be found at www.MidwinterGamingConvention.com

Character Sheets

Character sheets (PC & NPC) must be sent to Midwinter_ST@googlegroups.com no later than 1/3/14.  Sheets sent after the deadline will not be printed out and will have to go through on-site check in.  
Please bring a stamped copy of your character sheet along just in case we did not receive a copy from your Storytellers…better safe than sorry.

Multiple Characters

Each player is allowed to portray only one PC each night.  The only exception to this rule will be if the player has a secondary character they would like to take to a clan meeting.
In such a circumstance, the secondary PC may only be portrayed for the duration of the meeting, after which time the primary PC must be the character portrayed.

Item Cards

Please make certain you have your cards sorted before check-in, we will only be stamping those cards which you actually have with your character.

  • Please note:  we will be checking all item cards, even those that have been previously approved in Milwaukee at normal games and past Midwinter events alike.
  • ALL weapons must have the statistics straight out of Dark Epics.  Any weapon brought to game with more than the basic stats will be dropped down to Dark Epics traits for the duration of the event.  - This does NOT include weapons with magical qualities, which will be dealt with individually at check-in.

House Rules

Our House Rules are available at http://midwintercamowbn.webs.com/rules, and we will have copies available at check in as well.  Please note that Milwaukee has a House Rule regarding combo disciplines.  Clan-specific (found in Clanbooks) combo powers are only allowed for members of that Clan (unless the book specifically says they teach this power to other kindred i.e. Double Talk).

If the power is found in another book (i.e. Archons and Templars) you must possess at least one discipline in-clan in order to have that power on your sheet.  Some chronicles are allowing Combo Powers that either do not have a MET writeup, or are home brewed.
Players MUST have their ST's send a copy of their write-up no later than 1/3/14 (along with the sheet would be great!).
Players must also have a stamped copy of this write-up with them during the event as well.
No item cards for Pebble from the Mountain cast by NPC's of other chronicles will be allowed into the event.  Any cards for Inscription created at the event will expire at dawn of the night it was cast.

Additionally, Milwaukee follows the Generational Trait Max as found in LoTN:R.  We do not use the 15/14/13 system.

Please be aware of this when checking in your sheets.
Home Grown Rituals
All characters with Home Grown Rituals must submit a write up of said ritual to Midwinter_ST@googlegroups.com by their Storytelling Staff no later than 1/3/14.
If we do not have a printed write up of the ritual we will not allow its use during the event.   Again, just to be safe, bring a printed copy that has been signed and stamped by your chronicle.

Fair Escape/After Game Scenes

If during the course of normal play you decide your character wants to leave the game, we will have a sign out sheet at the front desk for such purposes.   If you do not use this sheet as well as contact an Event ST, you are considered in game and findable.
All characters will be considered signed out at game wrap, unless the player decides to continue in game after hours.  Do not use this sheet as an excuse to leave and avoid character consequences.

Any scene run after game wrap MUST have an ST present if combat is going to result from the interaction.

HOWEVER, it is up to you to find an ST willing to run a scene after game wrap.  No ST is required to run scenes after game wrap unless it is their choice.

Any scene run after game wrap without an ST will be restricted to soft role-play and all parties involved must consent to the scene.

**Under no circumstances will Milwaukee allow any scenes to be run under the jurisdiction of another chronicle for the duration of the Midwinter Event.

If you want to have your home chronicle ST or a Coordinator run a scene, or if you are an ST or Coord/SubCoord and want to run a scene outside of the jurisdiction of Milwaukee, you MUST wait until after the event is completely over.   We have had problems with such scenes in the past and want to nip this potential issue in the bud.**

RSOs (Registered Sex Offenders)

Several people have asked about midwinter’s RSO policy. We would ask that anyone with questions please refer to MGCs policy in regards to RSOs attending the con.

If you have any questions about the Midwinter Camarilla Game, please contact the Midwinter OWBN Game Staff at Midwinter_ST@googlegroups.com. Please be sure to send questions and requests to this address as opposed to individual staff members so that you can get as timely an answer as possible.

More information and reminders be forthcoming as we approach January.

Thank you in advance for being mindful of everything stated above.  This will help our event run smoothly and be enjoyable for all.  See you soon!

Event Dates: 16-Jan-2014 10:00PM CST to 19-Jan-2014 5:00AM CST
Genre(s): Camarilla, Anarch
ST Contact: Midwinter_ST@googlegroups.com
Event Website: Link
House Rules: Link

Lodging Information:

Milwaukee Hilton
Lodging Type: Hotel
Website: Link
Lodging Details:

Soak in the historical ambiance while remaining steps from all Downtown Milwaukee has to offer! Be sure to book your room early as our room block traditionally sells out.

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