Werewolf & Mage @ Midwinter 2016!

Werewolf & Mage @ Midwinter 2016!

Event Description:

Did you know that Midwinter Gaming Convention 2016 is right around the corner? That's right folks! You should come join us in Milwaukee to rock out to your favorite games! This year Jason PlaceCurt GobleBenjamin Colbert and Jonah Pasternak will be hosting the One World by NightMage: The Ascension and Werewolf: The Apocalypse LARPs. Our schedule is currently slated to be Werewolf during the day on Friday, Mage later that night. Saturday and Sunday have Mage and Werewolf combined during the day! Do you know what that means? You even have time to join Eva Hoth on the Vampire: The Masquerade side of the organization!


This year there is a raffle set up for pre-registration for those interested in participating! This is an exciting venture and is meant to show that you are appreciated for stepping up and solidifying your plans ahead of time!

The Winner may receive one of the following prizes: A Four Day Badge for Midwinter, A T-Shirt featuring the Artwork of Ken Meyer Jr, A WoD Novel (Soft Cover), or a Firefly special Gen Con Release Book – Gaming in the Verse (Soft Cover). There are multiples of each prize so there will be multiple winners! Drawing will take place one month prior to the event. The winners will be announced via Facebook and will be advised via e-mail. You must be present at the event to receive the prize!


Entries are as follows: For every OWbN Game you register and submit your sheet to, you receive an entry. For every confirmation of badge you submit, you receive an entry. For every night you reserve at the convention hotel, you receive an entry (with confirmation code submitted). So this means you can earn up to 6 entries if you hit all the games, get a four day badge, and stay at the hotel the entire time! Each staff will tally your entries on a joint form so we can keep track of everyone. So don’t hesitate and get moving today!


Remember: Visit www.midwintergamingconvention.com to get your registration on and I hope to see everyone else out there!


Event Dates: 15-Jan-2016 12:00PM EST to 17-Jan-2016 12:00PM EST
Genre(s): Garou, Other Changing Breeds, Mage, Other
ST Contact: tides-heartland-midwinter@googlegroups.com
Event Website: Link

Lodging Information:

Lodging Type: Hotel

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