Chronicle House Rules, Disciplinary Policies, and Other Documents

Local House Rules and Disciplinary Policies must be made available on the OWbN website which will be submitted via their Chronicle Information Form.

The version on the website is considered the current, official rules of the chronicle.

It is the responsibility of the chronicle staff to submit updates or revisions to their House Rules via the Chronicle Information Form.

Chronicle name contains...
Chroniclesort descending Chronicle Documents
Cape Cod, MA - USA, Rage Across the Cape House Rules - House Rules
Rage Across the Cape All Rules Documents - Rage Across the Cape All House Rules (Google Folder/Doc)
Carbondale, IL, USA: Forgotten Court House Rules - Link to Resource
Cedar Falls, IA - USA, Lost Palisades House Rules - House Rules
Cedar Falls, IA - USA, Blackhawk Co. by Night House Rules - House Rules Document 9-5-16.pdf
Cedar Rapids, IA - USA, Five Nights House Rules - House Rules
Chapecó, SC: Reign Of Blood House Rules - Link to Resource
Chicago, IL - USA, Dark Requiem House Rules - Western Shores House Rules
Cincinnati, OH - USA, Rage and Fury Crafting Guide - Rage and Fury Crafting Doc 111118.pdf
House Rules - RaF Renown.pdf
Charter - Rage Across Frankfort Charter final update.pdf
House Rules - Rage and Fury Gift Rules UPDATE 3.pdf
House Rules - RAF House Rules 111118.pdf
Cincinnati, OH - USA, Shadows of Cincinnati House Rules - Shadows of Cincinnati House Rules November 2015 Update.doc
Disciplinary Policy - Shadows of Cincinnati Disciplinary Policy.doc
Clarksburg, WV - USA, Echoes of Silent Valleys 60 questions for 60 points - 60 Q&A.doc
House Rules - Echoes of Silent Valleys Houserules.rtf
Setting Guide - Kindred Spirits.doc
Cleveland, OH - USA, An Uncertain Destiny House Rules - Link to Resource
Cleveland, OH - USA, Carpe Noctum Disciplinary Policy - Carpe Noctum Disciplinary Policy 6.24.14.rtf
Charter - Carpe Noctum Charter July 2017 V3.pdf
House Rules - Carpe Noctum House Rules 2.1.pdf
Cleveland, OH - USA, Heartland Alliance House Rules - Chronicle House Rules
Disciplinary Policy - Chronicle Charter
Clinton, IA: Bloody Border House Rules - Link to Resource
Columbus, OH - USA, Columbus in Darkness House Rules - Link to Resource
Disciplinary Policy - Section Four: Disciplinary Policy
New Player Packet - Character regulation house rules and background creation.
Columbus, OH - USA, Wyld Prophets Disciplinary Policy - Wyld Prophets Charter May 2018.pdf
House Rules - WyldProphetsHouseRules 2.5.rtf
Curitiba, PR - Brazil, Curitiba By Night Rules for Heavens and Holdings - Rules for Heavens and Holdings
House Rules - House Rules v2.5
Dayton, OH - USA, Dying Embers Disciplinary Policy - Charter_for_Dayton_Dying_Embers_2017.rtf
House Rules - DDE House Rules 10-06-17.doc
Disciplinary Policy - 20190402 Dayton Dying Embers Disciplinary Policy.doc
DeKalb, IL - USA, Crossroads of Caine House Rules - House Rules
Decatur, IL - USA, The Chaos Within House Rules - Cornglomerate House Rules v1.0
Denver, CO - USA, Front Range Sabbat House Rules - Link to Resource
Disciplinary Policy - Email Staff
Detroit, MI - USA, Motor City Monsters House Rules - Link to Resource
Dois Vizinhos, PR - Brazil, The Kingdom by Night - Immortal Royalty Other - KINGS AND QUEENS OF THE KINGDOM BY NIGHT final.pdf
Dubuque, IA - USA, Ashes of Eden House Rules - Demon: the Fallen House Rules
Duluth, MN - USA, Thicker than Blood Disciplinary Policy - Link to Resource
Edwardsville, IL - USA, Caught in Eternal Twilight House Rules - CiET House Rules
Evansville, IN - USA, Dead Yet Dreaming Disciplinary Policy - Code of Conduct.pdf
House Rules - DYD House Rules Season One.pdf
Evansville, IN - USA, Paradise Lost Disciplinary Policy - Link to Resource
Disciplinary Policy - Evansville Disciplinary Policy.rtf
Fargo, ND - USA, Within Shadow's Reach House Rules - Link to Resource
New Player Packet - Link to Resource