Chronicle House Rules, Disciplinary Policies, and Other Documents

Local House Rules and Disciplinary Policies must be made available on the OWbN website which will be submitted via their Chronicle Information Form.

The version on the website is considered the current, official rules of the chronicle.

It is the responsibility of the chronicle staff to submit updates or revisions to their House Rules via the Chronicle Information Form.

Chronicle name contains...
Chroniclesort descending Chronicle Documents
Tampa by Night: Tampa Sabbat House Rules - Link to Resource
Tucson, AZ - USA, Blood, Sweat, and Tears House Rules - Blood Sweat and Tears House Rules 1-15.pdf
House Rules - House Rules (Updated 01-2015)
Vale do Itajaí, SC - Brazil, Fear of the Dark House Rules - Link to Resource
Vale do Paraíba, SP - Brazil, Vale Sangrento House Rules - Link to Resource
Disciplinary Policy - Disciplinary Policy
Vitória, ES - Brazil, Blood and Darkness House Rules - Website
Washington, DC - USA, Shadows on the Horizon House Rules - House Rules
Washington, DC - USA, Shadows on the Mall House Rules - House Rules
Wausau, WI - USA, Infinite Winter House Rules - InfiniteWinterHouseRulesRevised6217.pdf
Wichita, KS - Rebellion in the Shadows Disciplinary Policy - Rebellion in the Shadows Code of Conduct.pdf
Winchester, VA: Sins in the Valley House Rules - Link to Resource
Winona, MN - USA, Winona Dark Haven House Rules - Link to Resource
Worcester County, MA - USA, Quabbin Game Forums - Sept of the Quabbin forums
House Rules - Quabbin House Rules