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Some chronicles allow for their players to develop customized powers for their characters. The following is a compilation of player created custom content in OWBN. At this time, custom content that is created and/or used by vampire PC's is required to be listed.

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Custom Content Category: Merit
XP Cost: 5XP
MET Mechanics:

Innate magical Ability (5 Trait Meirt)
Life's Resurgence - 
By the expenditure of a single blood trait he can touch a mortal and take away any toxins they may have in them.  Additionally if he Spends 2 blood and a willpower he can take away much more than just a toxin. He can literally heal a mortal and only a mortal of their wounds. This also works on the dead. He cannot revive the already dead. He could save some one from a fatal wound. The body returns to its uninjured state showing no wounds at all.The healing and wound removal from mortals has a major drawback if it is a toxin he takes it on himself feeling the effects of the toxin. If they are wounds he takes on the damage inflicted on the mortal body the damage can be lethal or bashing aggravated wounds convert to lethal in the transfer. Blood can be spent to heal or burn off toxins.

If the power is used for wounds of living any kind his obfuscate no longer hides him until he has healed the wounds. When this occurs, his purple Fae eyes glow even brighter as if making him a beacon to be seen accenting his presence in the area. He even gives off a purplish haze as if part of the dreaming is trying to show thru.

Date of Archival: 10-Nov-2018