OWBN House Rules Directory

Local House Rules and Disciplinary Policies must be made available on the OWbN website which will be submitted via their Chronicle Information Form.

The version on the website is considered the current, official rules of the chronicle.

It is the responsibility of the chronicle staff to submit updates or revisions to their House Rules via the Chronicle Information Form.

Chroniclesort descending House Rules
Allentown, PA - USA, Steel Valley by Night House Rules Link
Alto Tietê, SP - Brazil, Sang Royal House Rules Link
Amador, CA - USA, Gaia’s Call House Rules Link
Amarillo, TX - USA, Serpent's Coil House Rules Link
Ann Arbor, MI - USA, Tower of Broken Glass House Rules Link
Annapolis, MD - USA, Vitae Aeternus House Rules Link
Athens, GA - USA, Athens After Dark House Rules Link
Atlanta, GA - USA, Demise of the Sovereign -Contact chronicle staff-
Atlanta, GA - USA, Whispers of Atlanta PDF icon MakingCombatWorkForYou.pdf
Auburn, CA - USA, Lux Tenebras House Rules Link
Aveiro, Distrito de Aveiro - Portugal, Beiras by Night House Rules Link
Baltimore, MD - USA, Dark Harbor House Rules Link
Bartow, FL - USA, Badlands PDF icon House Rules.pdf
Berkeley, CA - USA, Wasting the Dawn House Rules Link
Bloomington, IL - USA, Zephyr of Darkness PDF icon ZoD House Rules May 2019.pdf
Boston, MA - USA, Howl of Revolution House Rules Link
Bradenton, FL - USA, Bahamas: Storms Over the Shores -Contact chronicle staff-
Bradenton, FL - USA, Chaos & Entropy PDF icon Bradenton House Rules - current.pdf
Brasília, DF - Brazil, Pacis Aeternae House Rules Link
Bridgeport, CT - USA, Bridgeport by Night: The Broken City House Rules Link
Cambridge, MA - USA, The Midnight Rose House Rules Link
Campinas, SP - Brazil, Império das Cinzas House Rules Link
Campinas, SP - Brazil, Ouroboros House Rules Link
Campinas, SP - Estado Livre Americana -Contact chronicle staff-
Cape Cod, MA - USA, Rage Across the Cape House Rules Link
Cedar Falls, IA - USA, Lost Palisades House Rules Link
Cedar Falls, IA - USA, Blackhawk Co. by Night PDF icon House Rules Document 9-5-16.pdf
Cedar Rapids, IA - USA, Five Nights House Rules Link
Chicago, IL - USA, Blue Moon Rising -Contact chronicle staff-
Chicago, IL - USA, Dark Dreams -Contact chronicle staff-
Chicago, IL - USA, Dark Requiem House Rules Link
Chicago, IL - USA, New Moon Rising -Contact chronicle staff-
Chicago, IL - USA, Strange Crossroads -Contact chronicle staff-
Chicago, IL - USA, The Chicago Underground -Contact chronicle staff-
Chicago, IL - USA, Winds of Judgement -Contact chronicle staff-
Cincinnati, OH - USA, Rage and Fury PDF icon Rage and Fury Crafting Doc 111118.pdf
Cincinnati, OH - USA, Shadows of Cincinnati Microsoft Office document icon Shadows of Cincinnati House Rules November 2015 Update.doc
Clarksburg, WV - USA, Echoes of Silent Valleys File Echoes of Silent Valleys Houserules.rtf
Cleveland, OH - USA, Carpe Noctum PDF icon Carpe Noctum Charter July 2017 V3.pdf
Cleveland, OH - USA, Heartland Alliance House Rules Link
Cleveland, OH - USA, Under an Eerie Moon -Contact chronicle staff-
Columbus, OH - USA, Columbus in Darkness House Rules Link
Columbus, OH - USA, Wyld Prophets PDF icon Wyld Prophets Charter May 2018.pdf
Curitiba, PR - Brazil, Curitiba By Night House Rules Link
Curitiba, PR - Brazil, Curitiba By Night Sabbat Chapter -Contact chronicle staff-
Curitiba, PR - Brazil, Terra de Ninguém By Night -Contact chronicle staff-
Dayton, OH - USA, Dying Embers File Charter_for_Dayton_Dying_Embers_2017.rtf
Daytona, FL - USA, A Midnight Nightmare -Contact chronicle staff-
Decatur, IL - USA, The Chaos Within House Rules Link
Denver, CO - USA, Front Range Sabbat House Rules Link
Dois Vizinhos, PR - Brazil, The Kingdom by Night - Immortal Royalty PDF icon KINGS AND QUEENS OF THE KINGDOM BY NIGHT final.pdf
Dubuque, IA - USA, Ashes of Eden House Rules Link
Duluth, MN - USA, Thicker than Blood House Rules Link
Edwardsville, IL - USA, Caught in Eternal Twilight House Rules Link
Evansville, IN - USA, Paradise Lost File Evansville Disciplinary Policy.rtf
Fargo, ND - USA, The Beast Within -Contact chronicle staff-
Fargo, ND - USA, Within Shadow's Reach House Rules Link
Flagstaff, AZ - USA, Grand Canyon Caern House Rules Link
Fort Myers, FL - USA, Midnight Siege PDF icon Bradenton House Rules - current.pdf
Fortaleza, CE - Brazil, Land of The Sun -Contact chronicle staff-
Frederick, MD - USA, Baltimore Imbued: The Charmed Hunt House Rules Link
Frederick, MD - USA, Taken for Granite -Contact chronicle staff-
Fredericksburg, VA - USA, Caine's Chosen: Liberty in Death House Rules Link
Gainesville, FL - USA, The New Confederacy House Rules Link
Gary, IN - USA, Shattered Souls House Rules Link
Germantown, MD - USA, Palatine Light -Contact chronicle staff-
Gimli, MB - Canada, Sang Nordique PDF icon Sang Nordique House Rules June 2019.pdf
Grady, GA - USA, Whispers of Grady -Contact chronicle staff-
Grafton, MA - USA, Dark Chronicles New Hampshire House Rules Link
Green Bay, WI - USA, Shattered Dreams -Contact chronicle staff-
Griffin, GA - USA, Immortal Nights Theater -Contact chronicle staff-
Guttenburg, IA - USA, Descendants, Defiance, Domination PDF icon 3D House Rules Compilation.pdf
Halifax, Nova Scotia - Canada, Something Strange: Reavers of the North -Contact chronicle staff-
Hartford, CT - USA, Dark Colony House Rules Link
Hartford, CT - USA, Dark Colony: Graymere Glen -Contact chronicle staff-
Hartford, CT - USA, Dark Colony: New Haven - Bad Moon Rising -Contact chronicle staff-
Hartford, CT - USA, Dogs of War -Contact chronicle staff-
Indianapolis, IN - USA, Past is Prologue House Rules Link
Indianapolis, IN - USA, Stars Never Rise House Rules Link
Iowa City, IA - USA, Fields of Rage House Rules Link
Jefferson, WI - USA, Eternal Revolution -Contact chronicle staff-
João Pessoa, PB - Brazil, Eternal Shadows House Rules Link
Kalamazoo, MI - USA, Damn Bloody Zoo -Contact chronicle staff-
Kenosha, WI - USA, Memento Mori Microsoft Office document icon -Kenosha Charter & Waiver 5-1-04.doc
La Crosse, WI - USA, The Rivers Edge -Contact chronicle staff-
La Crosse, WI - USA, Visions of Blood House Rules Link
Lakeland, FL - USA, Dimming Rhapsody -Contact chronicle staff-
Lakeland, FL - USA, Lagos de los Muertos House Rules Link
Lakeland, FL - USA, South Venice: Out of the Woods -Contact chronicle staff-
Lancaster, OH - USA, Mountains Dark Heart Microsoft Office document icon MDH House Rules.doc
Lancaster, OH - USA, Never Ending Nights PDF icon NEN-House-Rules-2019.pdf
Lancaster, OH - USA, Webs of Fate -Contact chronicle staff-
Lewiston/Auburn, ME - USA, Shadows and Light House Rules Link
Lexington, KY - USA, Panders Playground House Rules Link
Londrina, PR - Brazil, Blood and Vendetta House Rules Link
Los Angeles, CA - USA, Dark Side of the Moon House Rules Link
Los Angeles, CA - USA, La Sangre De Los Angeles House Rules Link
Macon, GA - USA, Stolen Hours House Rules Link
Madison, Wi - USA, Black Crusade PDF icon BlackCrusadeHouseRulesMay2017.pdf
Maldonado - Uruguay, Maldonado by Night: Magus et Artifex House Rules Link
Martinsburg, WV - USA, Martinsburg by night House Rules Link
Milwaukee, WI - USA, Nocturnal Rapture House Rules Link
Montgomery, AL - USA, Withering Dixie House Rules Link
Mossoro, RN - Brazil, Mossoro by Night PDF icon Mossoró By Night.pdf
Mt. Dora, FL - USA, Mutual Alliance -Contact chronicle staff-
Nashville, IN - USA, Tea With Dragons -Contact chronicle staff-
Natal, RN - Brazil, Legacy of Blood House Rules Link
New Orleans, LA - USA, Long Night -Contact chronicle staff-
New Rochelle, NY - USA, Seasons of Strange House Rules Link
New York City, NY - USA, Kings of New York House Rules Link
Northern Virginia, VA - USA, Night Falls House Rules Link
Ocala, FL - USA, Hell is Taken Microsoft Office document icon Ocala_Sabbat_Hell-Is-Taken_House Rules_2017.doc
Orland Park, IL - USA, Enigmas of Rage House Rules Link
Ouro Preto, MG - Brazil, Dying of the Light House Rules Link
Pelotas, RS - Brazil, Pelotas by Night: Dark Pearl in Princess’ Neck PDF icon Pelotas House Rules - 2017 - 3ª Edição.pdf
Peoria, IL - USA, Shattered City of Darkness -Contact chronicle staff-
Peoria, IL - USA, The Far Dawn House Rules Link
Peoria, IL - USA, The Shattered Mirror House Rules Link
Philadelphia, PA - USA, Honor in the Shadows PDF icon Honor in the Shadows House rules.docx_.pdf
Philadelphia, PA - USA, Nusquam House Rules Link
Phoenix, AZ - USA, Unchained Arizona House Rules Link
Phoenix, AZ - USA, Unchained Sabbat House Rules Link
Piracicaba, SP - Brazil, Escuro como o Inferno, Preto como a Noite -Contact chronicle staff-
Pittsburgh, PA - USA, Rivers Run Red -Contact chronicle staff-
Plainfield, IL - USA, Obsidian Shadows PDF icon Obsidian Shadows Celestine Gifts.pdf
Port Charlotte, FL - USA, New Beginnings House Rules Link
Portland, ME - USA, Blackened Veins House Rules Link
Porto Alegre, RS - Brazil, Solo Doentio -Contact chronicle staff-
Providence, RI - USA, Hidden Flame House Rules Link
Providence, RI - USA, Tides of Power -Contact chronicle staff-
Recife, PE - Brazil, Pernambuco by Night: Forever Haunted -Contact chronicle staff-
Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brazil, City of Wonders -Contact chronicle staff-
Rio Grande, RS - Brazil, Sobre a Areia Sempre Hostil House Rules Link
Rio Grande, RS - Brazil, Vendetta Sangrenta -Contact chronicle staff-
Rockland, NY - USA, Under The Rock House Rules Link
Rohnert Park, CA - USA, Shadows Crossing House Rules Link
Sacramento, CA - USA, Sacramento By Night House Rules Link
Saint Paul, MN - USA, Obsidian Towers House Rules Link
Salvador, BA - Brazil, Veritas Salvatore -Contact chronicle staff-
San Antonio, TX - USA, Libertatis Cunabula -Contact chronicle staff-
San Bernardino, CA – USA, Secretos de Sangre House Rules Link
San Francisco, CA - USA, Always Comes Evening House Rules Link
São Paulo, SP - Brazil, São Paulo by Night House Rules Link
Savannah, GA - USA, City of Shadows PDF icon CoSRoC.pdf
Seattle, WA - USA, Emerald Rain -Contact chronicle staff-
Sheboygan, WI - USA, Blood on the Lake -Contact chronicle staff-
Sorocaba, SP - Brazil, Sorocaba by Night: The Abyss Within House Rules Link
South Lyon, MI - USA, Lyon Court Freehold -Contact chronicle staff-
Springfield, IL - USA, Capitol City Cauldron House Rules Link
Springfield, OH - USA, Ohio Knights Sabbat House Rules Link
St. Augustine, FL - USA, On Haunted Ground House Rules Link
St. Louis, MO - USA, Gateway of Dreams -Contact chronicle staff-
St. Louis, MO - USA, Shadows of St. Louis House Rules Link
Stamford, CT - USA, Stamford by Night: Shadows of the Gold Coast House Rules Link
Stamford, CT - USA, Stamford: Ashes and Embers -Contact chronicle staff-
Stockton, CA - USA, Stockton by Night -Contact chronicle staff-
Stockton, CA - USA, Unbound Coast -Contact chronicle staff-
Tallahassee, FL - USA, Gaia's Nocturne Microsoft Office document icon House Rules.doc
Tampa, FL - USA, Orlando: Magic Kingdom House Rules Link
Tampa, FL - USA, Tampa Bay by Night House Rules Link
Tampa, FL - USA, What a Wholly Wondrous World Wide Web We Weave -Contact chronicle staff-
Vale do Itajaí, SC - Brazil, Fear of the Dark House Rules Link
Vale do Paraíba, SP - Brazil, Vale Sangrento House Rules Link
Vitória, ES - Brazil, Blood and Darkness House Rules Link
Washington, DC - USA, Ever Changing Horizons -Contact chronicle staff-
Washington, DC - USA, Shadows on the Horizon House Rules Link
Washington, DC - USA, Shadows on the Mall House Rules Link
Wausau, WI - USA, Infinite Winter PDF icon InfiniteWinterHouseRulesRevised6217.pdf
Western New London, CT - USA, Winds in the West -Contact chronicle staff-
Wichita, KS - Rebellion in the Shadows -Contact chronicle staff-
Winona, MN - USA, Winona Dark Haven House Rules Link
Worcester County, MA - USA, Quabbin House Rules Link
Worcester, MA - USA, For Better or Worcester -Contact chronicle staff-