Starting a New Game

So, you want to start a new OWbN game? Or bring yours into the org?

To help one another enjoy this sprawling, fascinating world, we have developed an organization which attempts to keep things as simple as possible.

First things you need to know:

  • We are not here to dominate games.
  • We are not here to shape them to our own ends.
  • Our annual dues are only $20.00 per chronicle, there are no individual player dues

More important, we ask that member chronicles focus on the enjoyment of the players--both those in the home chronicle, and those who are touched by it through the community of games. We trade off a little (and only a little) autonomy in order to share a larger vision. When players in different chronicles begin interacting and sharing plot, we encourage their respective STs to work together, meshing their plans to create a larger World of Darkness.

Individuality is important to us. We don't want to rob your chronicle of its local flavor. Our regulations and bylaws are intended to make interaction run smoothly--not to limit your creativity.


OWbN communicates between chronciles primarily through email. At the very least, a chronicle's council member must have internet access in order to participate in discussions and votes. It is strongly recommended that STs also join lists to remain informed of events and plots around their games. Many players are also connected via email, using email lists and private messages to expand the social lives of their characters. All chronicles are also strongly advised to have a website and to (try to) keep it updated with the latest news and game information, so that others in the area can check out when they can attend their neighbors' games. Keep a copy of your House Rules there as well, so potential visitors can read up on the local variances to reduce interruption in the flow of the game.

The Setting

OWbN is usually reflective of the World of Darkness as given us by White Wolf. As time has passed, however, we have developed a history of our own, influenced by the characters and plots of our times.

For example, the Justicars of each clan have changed when necessary--the Inner Circle works in mysterious ways. The Ivory Tower also recently admitted the Children of Haqim as "full members" of the sect, a move that started with the political machinations of the characters. Kindred have assembled and disbanded many an infamous coterie, often to the quite vocal protests of their afflicted neighbors. These changes and more have created opportunities for fascinating role play--but our intention is for all such changes to be organic, not contrived for shock value or merely "something different."

While the thought of straying from "canon" may seem unsettling, at first, it is the natural consequence of a game outliving its source material. We make every attempt to remain true to the "flavor" of the game, while bringing new ideas to the fore. In doing so, we help maintain a vibrant and growing genre.

The best way to become familiar with the World of Darkness? Visit a neighboring game. Once you are hooked, contact our Membership Coordinator to start the process of bringing your chronicle into the fold. We look forward to working and playing with you!


All applications, for all genres may be received from the Membership Coordinator. Please send an email to Please include the following information:

  • Chronicle Location
  • Game type
  • How long has your group been playing
  • Number of Players on Average
  • Major NPCs who are R&U (Please just list the clan if you have any and his position- ie 6th gen Brujah City Elder from back story)
  • Any NPCs under 7th Gen
  • Major NPCs in the background (ie past prince of the city for the last 1000 years, warring elders etc)
  • 1 Paragraph summary of the back story

If you have any questions about the admissions process, or wish to get more information, contact the Membership Coordinator at

Original version by Duncan Wyley with assistance by Joyce Summers, Matt Giezentaner and Ross Anderson. Published in Mind's Eye Theater Journal #2 by White Wolf Publishing. Rewrite by Kimberly Davis, 2010, for OWbN.