To nights we'l never remember, and people we'll never forget.


Show that you are a part of our collaborative community of live action role-players.

The One World By Night logo was developed and selected by members of our community. Thanks to David Herold for the logo design, and thanks to those who participated in our logo creation process.

Product Details

  • 1.5 ounce shotglass
  • Made of glass (not plastic)
  • Requests for delivery by mail will include a healthy amount of bubble wrap

Limited Print Run

We ordered a limited number of shot glasses, so please make your pledge ASAP to reserve yours. If you do not want to purchase your shotglass online, they will be available for a $10 donation at Midwinter (at the check-in desks for the Camarilla and Mage games), but we cannot guarantee that we will have a shot glass for you unless you order in advance.

If you want to donate and receive a shot glass but can't attend Midwinter, shipping options are available (via USPS) - please review those options during the Checkout process. Shipped shotglasses will include an extra bit of swag - bubble wrap!

The proceeds from your donation will go towards the OWBN Marketing Fund, which will be used towards promoting and supporting OWBN Chronicles, events, and our community.