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Proposal Type: Other Public
Opened: 06-Feb-2019 12:00AM EST
Closing: 13-Feb-2019 12:00AM EST

I Drew Walter, Council Member of Lancaster, OH USA - Webs of Fate am propping for the following counties to be added to our Chronicle boundaries for use by our satellite game Kalamazoo, MI USA - Damn Bloody Zoo.
Allegan County, Michigan
Barry County, Michigan
Berrien County, MichiganI
Branch County, Michigan
Calhoun County, Michigan
Cass County, Michigan
Eaton County, Michigan
St. Joseph County, Michigan
Van Buren County, Michigan
This is being propped as an exception to Administrative Bylaw 1.B.i
  1. Chronicle Boundaries and Control
    1. Chronicles have full control over the events inside of their boundaries. These boundaries are registered with the Membership Coordinator, but should be well known to surrounding chronicles. Storytellers wishing to run scenes in another chronicles boundaries must first obtain permission from a Storyteller from that chronicle. A chronicle may only claim territory that is considered a reasonable distance from its IC location.


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