[Proposal] AUTOPASS TERRITORY CLAIM Nashville, IN - USA, Tea With Dragons

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Proposal Type: Other Public
Opened: 09-Jul-2019 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 09-Jul-2019 12:05AM EDT

In pursuant with Administrative bylaw 1.B.i (included) and on the behalf of Nashville, IN - USA, Tea with Dragons (referred to below as TWD) I, Jess Mumma, as membership coord, am propping for TWD to gain control over the following territories:
USA - Indiana - Jennings County;  
USA - Indiana - Jackson County;  

USA - Indiana - Martin County;    

USA - Indiana - Wayne County;  
This is an Autopass prop
TWD has been (not counting the Washington territory used exclusively for a satellite game) operating out of a single territory, which, until recently, was shared with another game, Paradise Lost.    After discussions between myself, Paradise Lost, and Tea With Dragons, Paradise Lost gifted Tea with Dragons with 4 counties, and has given them sole control of their previously shared county.   In addition, Tea with Dragons is asking for 4 more territories, 3 of which are physically adjacent to what was gifted (visual provided below).   The 4th, Wayne County, while not being physically adjacent, is still within what this office considers a reasonable distance, the territory contains a college town, which would be of great benefit to the game. There is passage too and from the territory that does not involve travel through nearby games.   TWD, in attempt not to claim too much territory, is not requesting the unclaimed territories between Wayne and the other requested territories.

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