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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 20-Jul-2019 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 20-Jul-2019 12:05AM EDT

Pursuant to Coordinator bylaw §3.C.iii, as the Lasombra Coordinator I, Anthony Nordman, propose the following:
Add to Character bylaw 10.m.iii.6 Factions, Cults, Ranks and Positions the following

b. Friends of the Night  - PC: Coordinator Approval - NPC: Coordinator Notify
i. Membership in the Faction 
ii. Leaving the Friends of the Night

This is being done so that Team Lasombra can actually keep track over which lasombra are in the Friends of the Night. Some are already logged as if it was approval, but for some reason it is not. This prop will be coinciding with a movement to get an active communications system in place for both the Sabbat and Non-Sabbat Friends of the Night, and having everyone in the R&U Database will help assure that we get people onto the proper lists. 
This proposal does not allow for grandfathering.
Anthony Nordman

Lasombra Coordinator


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